Zong SMS Packages: Weekly, Daily, Monthly, Post paid, Prepaid


Today let’s talk about Zong SMS Packages, which in detail include Daily, Weekly, Monthly. These Packages are divided in two separate models i-e Prepaid and Postpaid. Zong is providing the user the ease to connect to their loved one via text or SMS with cheap rates.

In the previous article we have talked about

, Zong Internet Packages. also check out SMS packages that other networks offers:

The details for different Zong SMS Packages for daily, weekly and monthly bundles are listed below.

Zong Prepaid SMS Packages

Zong offers various SMS packages to its prepaid users. These packages can help you in connecting you family and colleges with reasonably cheap rates.

Zong Prepaid Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package

With Zong prepaid daily sms package now get 30 MB for whatsapp absolutely free. further details for the offer is as follows.

Cost: 3.99 +tax

SMS: 500 SMS/day

Data: 30MB for whatsapp

Other Incentives: 100 MMS/Day

Validity: Mid-Night Same day

How to subscribe: Dial *700# and reply with 1

How to Un-subscribe: ‘unsub’to 700


Zong Prepaid Daily Zulu SMS Package

This is the second daily package which is a little cheaper than the previous one already described above.

Cost: 2.50 +tax

SMS: 500 SMS/day

Other Incentives: 1 MB

Validity: Mid-Night Same day

How to subscribe: Dial *704# or SMS‘sub’ to 704

How to Un-subscribe: Send ‘unsub’ to 704


Zong Weekly SMS Package Prepaid

This package is also cheaper it will bring you extra 200 MB for whatsapp plus 1200 SMS. The details are as follows.

Cost: 14 +tax

SMS: 1200

Data: 200MB for whatsapp

Other Incentives: 1MB

Validity: 7 Days

How to subscribe: Dial *702#

How to Un-subscribe: ‘unsub’ to 700


Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Package Prepaid

Zong offers a cheap and easy solution for people who are looking for a cheap package that is for longer period of time. The details for Zong monthly package is given below.

Cost: 50+tax

SMS: 500 SMS/Day for 30 days

Data: 30MB for whatsapp for 30 days

Validity: 30 Days

How to subscribe: Dial *705#

How to Un-subscribe: ‘unsub’ to 700


Other Prepaid SMS Offers

Here are the details for various other cheap SMS Packages that Zong offers to its value added prepaid customers.

Bundle Hello Flutter Full Gup Shup Sixer Plus Perfect Package
Price 8+Tax 8+Tax 5+Tax 8+Tax 12+Tax
SMS 100 100 100 500 500
Other Incentives 100 on-net min, 50MB for Facebook 90 on-net min 75 on-net min, 30MB for WhatsApp Unlimited On-net min Unlimited on-net min, 40MB
Validity N/A N/A N/A 6pm – 6am 7pm – 10pm
Sub Code *2200*1# *369# 118*1# *666# *118*2#
Un Sub SMS Unsub to 4952 Unsub to 369 Unsub to 1181 Unsub to 666111 Unsub to 7171


Zong SMS Packages Postpaid

Zong also offers cheap and reliable SMS packages for its postpaid customers. The details of which are as follows.

1- 300 SMS Per Month

Cost: 25 +tax

SMS: 300

Validity: 30 Days

How to subscribe: *567#

How to Un-subscribe: Send ‘unsub’ to 700


2- 700 SMS Per Month

Cost: 50 +tax

SMS: 700

Validity: 30 Days

How to subscribe: Dial *567#

How to Un-subscribe: Send ‘unsub’ to 700


3- Unlimited SMS Per Month

Cost: 90 +tax

SMS: Unlimited

Validity: 30 Days

How to subscribe: Dial *567#

How to Un-subscribe: “UnSub” to 700


Zong also offers very cheap calling packages if you want to know more Zong Call Packages.

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