Zain Mobile Helpful Codes List Daily life in Saudi Arabia

Zain is one of the most popular and mostly used network in Saudi Arabia. Below we will explain some Zain Mobile Codes List in Saudi Arabia. Zain is most renowned for the best and cheapest package it offers for it customers.

We wrote this article so that the beginner and also some advance user get help from it. here we provided some of the Codes List Which will be helpful in your daily use of Zain Mobile Network.

Below are some of the helpful zain codes list for Saudi Arabia. which will help you in daily life.

  • Recharge Zain Number: 

*141*Iqama Number/Passport Number/ID Number*card No#

For Example: *141*2xxxxxxxxx*card No#

  • Know Your Zain Number:

 Click here to know the procedure to find your zain number

  • Zain Helpline:  Call 959.
  • Zain Balance Check:   *142#
  • Know how many zain number registered on your ID/Iqama/Passport:

Send an empty Message to 700123

  • Zain Balance Transfer:

Sender: Write bt number amount in message and send it to 702702

For Example: bt 05xxxxxxxx 20

Reciever: write “id ID Number/Iqama Number/Passport Number” send message to 702702

For Example: id 1234567843

Please Note: you can send minimum 10 SAR upto Maximum of 50 SAR.

  • Zain Remaining Internet Data Enquiry:



Write BC in SMS and send to 959


Call 959 and follow the instructions.

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