Top Ten Luxurious Cars to Buy

The car lovers always wonder about their car of dreams and rightly so. Owing a luxury car is not a problem these days thanks to the financing options available. It is pretty natural to be lured by the lucrative brand and showroom and no hesitation in grabbing the cheque book. Luxury cars have their own benefits in the shape of resale value, comfort, ease of use and most importantly it takes you to another world of cars. You seem like out of the planet especially when you are driving it for the first time in your life. The space is quite good, the leg room is awesome. So, a luxury car is basically a jackpot for you provided the required finances most importantly for sure. If you are looking for one of the best premium luxury cars, you will likely cast about a bit to see what advantages one possesses over the other luxurious cars. You are also very likely to have an aversion to wasting time so, without wasting any time, let’s move to it.

Here is given a description of ten most famous luxurious cars that you should buy considering it to be the best in market.

10- Tesla Model S

In the case you find yourself amazed by having to see this car in this list just because this is an electric car that you people are just fooling yourself because this car has all the essential elements it take to be in the list of the luxurious cars. The all-wheel drive 691-horsepower Tesla Model S P85D is capable of running an 11-second quarter-mile at 114.6 miles per hour and zero to 60 in 3.1 seconds. One seriously fast car, the Tesla Model S P85D is also the most powerful car on this list—and by a considerable margin. Further, it’s equipped with some very cool tech. You will be amazed by finding that this car has the capability of coming out of garage on its own. Its seems like a science fiction. Isn’t it? If you still think that electric cars are of no worth and value than have a look at it and buy a ticket to a nearby rather far town called acceptance. Tesla Model S P85D pricing starts at $105,000.

9- Porsche Panamera Turbo S

This is truth that sometimes regardless of how hard the people look; they still just can’t see it. Same is the case with the Porsche Panamera. When Porsche announced that they are going to launch a four door sedan, the people started questioning about a four door Porsche. It was just seemingly ridiculous but when Porsche did it, this model was ranked among the best model in the luxurious cars list of 2016. The engine of this beauty is capable of 590 ft-Ibs of torque. The all-wheel drive four-door uses a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission. Its top speed ranks it among the fastest high performance sedans in the world, while their accommodation makes it one of the most luxurious. Such is the class of this luxurious road bird. Pricing starts at $180,300.

8- Jaguar XJR LWB

It is of course included in the best premium luxury cars of 2016 owing to its deft melding of high performance and luxurious opulence. This magnificent car can be described by a combo of three words which are actually three aces known as space, grace and pace. With 550 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque from its 5.0-liter supercharged V-8, the regular-wheelbase XJR has what it takes to trade high-performance blasts with the big guns from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-AMG. As for grace, only the finest of materials adorn the big Jaguar’s stunningly handsome interior. Rear-wheel drive with an eight-speed automatic is standard, along with substantial brake and suspension upgrades. All-wheel drive is not available, but a long-wheelbase version gives extra stretch with the swagger. The pricing of this luxurious car starts at $119,000 which is not as higher for luxury seekers.

7- Lexus LS 600h

It might not have the class of rivals but it is certainly relaxing to drive. There are only few brands in the world which can boast as much as heritage in hi-tech hybrid as Lexus. A recent facelift has kept the vast four-door looking fresh, while range-topping Premier models come loaded with standard equipment. The luxuriously refined Lexus LS is available in two wheelbases and two engine options – the 4.6-litre V8 LS 460, or the LS 600h, a 5.0-litre V8 mated to an electric motor and batteries. The hybrid can run on electric power alone, although more often than not the electric motor assists the engine, and power goes to all four wheels via a CVT automatic gearbox. Motorway cruising is excellent, as the interior is whisper quiet, and the air-suspension absorbs every bump in the road. In town, again the Lexus is extremely quiet, although more bumps can be felt in the cabin. The price of this luxurious car starts at $73,000.

6- Cadillac CT6

In most of the cases it’s not but lest the somewhat conservative outer appearance mislead you, please know the rear-wheel drive 2016 Cadillac CT6 is absolutely cutting edge in every way. This car was known as the standard of the world a few decades ago as it had been considered as a trend setter. In the modern world, still this honor can be given to this car owing to what it offers. The new model of this brand have the newest Caddy rocks aluminum intensive construction so that the weight can be decreased, the shocks are magnetically adjustable to provide a smooth and comfortable ride while preserving handling, and a whole heap of good old American luxury—all in a package weighing just under 3,700 pounds. If someone wants to define this car in one word than it can be defined as “incredible” and that’s it. Even more so is the choice to fit a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6, making CT6 the first Cadillac flagship model in history to eschew a V8. However, with 400 horsepower and 400 ft-Ibs of torque, who’s going to miss it? The pricing of this car starts from $56,000.

5- Range Rover

It is comfortable on some smooth route as well as some muddy field which is the main reason why people buy this luxurious car. Despite its imposing presence, the Range Rover is surprisingly nimble and hugely refined. All the new Range Rowers are coming in three trim levels which are the ‘entry’ level Vogue, the mid-range Vogue SE and the Autobiography tops the range. All three specifications have a choice of two diesels, a 3.0-litre TDV6 or a 4.4-litre V8 while buyers who want a petrol Range Rover can opt for the 5.0-litre V8. With the added extra height, the view of this car is just fantastic from the rear as well as the back. It has been designed in such a way that getting into it and moving out is lot more easily than other luxury cars. The price of Range Rover starts at $66,000.

4- BMW 750i xDrive

This car has been included in the top ten best luxury cars of 2016 which is certainly a great reward of performance and efficiency. The new 7 Series BMW has been packed full of Sci-Fi tech. The other wonderful thing about this car is that there are many secondary functions which can be controlled without touching by a mere gesture of your hand. These functions are mostly the infotainment functions. Like for example if somebody wants to reject an incoming call for obvious reasons then simply you can wave it away and the call will be cancelled. Its weight has also been controlled by using the state of the art technology by creating a carbon-core roof support structure as well as the center of gravity has been moved closer to the ground so that handling may improve. The 750i’s V8 makes 445 horsepower to accelerate the all-wheel drive sedan to 60 in just four seconds. And oh, by the way, it can park itself—without you in it. Pricing of this car starts at $81,300.

3- Mercedes S-Class

Well, it has been said that in terms of relaxing experience, there are very few including this Mercedes S-class. It’s just completely suitable for avoiding the noise pollution as its sounds are rather non- existent. The vibrations of the pedals and steering wheel are completely non-existent and the tyre roar is also not there whether you are driving in city or on a motorway. The thing amazing about it is that it offers a diesel-electric hybrid capable of more than 60 mpg or even a standard V6 diesel with 50 mpg. Apparently 0-62mph takes 6.8 seconds but it genuinely feels much faster than that. This car is available even with fold-out tables, a Wi-Fi hotspot, as well as a 200GB hard-drive and high performance infotainment system featuring two individual screens. The price of Mercedes S-Class starts from $100,525.

2- Audi A7 Sportback

The class of this brand Audi going even further with luxuries afforded by this car. Certainly one of the best car models this company has ever produced. It may well be the best looking car ever produced by Audi. It has a four wheel drive which is powered by 4.0 liter V-8 engine. The four wheel drive is not applicable to all variants but optional on most of the variants. It’s been terrific in all-weather tractions. The comfort and beauty are both combined in this car. The high-performance S7 Sportback tops the range with a 4.0-litre TFSI Biturbo V8 that generates 331kW (up 22kW) and 550Nm. Sprinting from 0-100km/h takes 4.6 seconds (down 0.1sec) and combined cycle fuel consumption is rated at 9.3L/100km (down from 0.3L/100km). Four of the eight cylinders can be deactivated to help keep fuel consumption under control in stop-start traffic and under light throttle. The price of Audi A7 Sportback starts from $115,400.

1- Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

Out of all the cars present in this modern world, this car deserves to be there in the list. It has been included in the list of one of the best premium luxury cars for 2016. Its hybrid model has been designed to have the best ride of it. Among the outstanding luxury cars, Acura RLX has a lot to offer according to its features in a reasonable price as well. This now includes cutting-edge safety features some competitive models consider optional at the same base price as the 2015 RLX. Some standard equipment like road departure mitigation, a new all-around camera system, and also the rear cross traffic alert has been included in this wonderful car of modern generation. The combines system output of this wonder is 377 horsepower and 341 ft-Ibs of torque. The V6 engine of this car has been combined with six speed automatic transmission. The pricing of this car starts from $60,000.


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