Top 7 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Tianmen Shan Big Gate

Stratospheric heights, impervious paths and unexpected dangers: these are the scary roads! Today we will be talking about 7 Most Dangerous Roads in The World you will be thrilled to travel.

1- Fairy Meadows Road

Fairy Meadows Road

It is located in Pakistan: the Fairy Meadows Road, traced along the slopes of one of the highest mountains in the world, is dangerous because in addition to being very narrow and irregular, it has no barriers.

2- Road of the Yungas

Road of the Yungas

We are in Bolivia, and this is what is called the death road. Why the numbers tell you: every year about 200-300 people lose their lives here. Even here the road is unpaved, the altitude is noticeable and the barriers are not there.

3- Guoliang Tunnel

Guoliang Tunnel

This road, the Guoliang Tunnel, in China, is not only for its low width (only 4 meters), but also for the equally poor lighting, two to the fact that the road is carved into the rock and only occasionally there are openings, which is why local people call it “the road that does not forgive mistakes”.

4- Zoji la

Zoji la

Even here, in India, we are at a remarkable altitude: 3500 meters. The Zojila, however, is especially dangerous for the cattle that is encountered along the 9 km route.

5- Tianmen Shan Big Gate

Tianmen Shan Big Gate

We are still in China, in short, to go slowly, very slowly!

6- Passage du Gois

Passage du Gois

We go to the sea. Not only does height scare. Here in France, the Passage du Gois, twice a day is covered by the tides of the Atlantic. For this reason the road is closed almost all day.

7- Million Dollar Highway

Million Dollar Highway

A road of 40 km, built in 1880 without taking into account the safety rules, so much so that it is paved but is not equipped with parapets. We are in the United States and the Million Dollar Highway.


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