Top 7 Best Pakistani Fashion Designers

Pakistan emerged itself as one of the biggest fashion point in Asia in the past years. The dresses that includes Shalwar kameez, Lehenga, Sari are the major part of day to day fashion.

Pakistani dresses are not only show cased in Asia alone but in all over the world. Its no wonder that our clothes are admired and liked everywhere. This industry has some top designers that are praised & liked.

Today we bring you top Pakistani fashion designers, and the list is as follows!

1- Sadaf Malaterre:

Sadaf Malaterre

Sadaf is one of the greatest top ranking fashion designers of Pakistan’s fashion industry. She has established her own clothing band know as Eponymous in 2005. The “Eponymous” brand is successfully running and based in Karachi. This brand won numerous hearts. Everyone does like this brand.

2- Shehla Chatoor:

Shehla Chatoor

Shehla is famous for designing modern wear and casual wear for both men and women. She launched her own brand known as “Shehla Label” in 1995 and it is successfully running. She also has established the hand painted designed apparel.

3- Warda Saleem:

Warda Saleem

She is the longest known fashion designer of Pakistani fashion industry. Warda is famous for her brand “Wardha Lawn”. She is the brainbox behind “wardha Lawn”. She won numerous lux style awards.

4- Zara Ahmed:

Zara Ahmed

She started her career in 1994 and has been successfully involved in designing clothes. She is favorite of all Pakistani because her beautiful traditional bridal, formal and casual wear won many hearts. She also designed apparel for Asian brides.

5- Tabbasum Mughal:

Tabbasum Mughal

She is an international fashion designer all over U.S.A UK and Asia as well. She makes your fashion dreams come true. Every year she designed the most attractive clothing.

6- Ammar Bilal:

Ammar Bilal

He is one of the most top ranking fashion designers in Pakistani fashion industry. Ammar is the only son of “Khwaja Bilal” who is a very successful and has a textile industry in Pakistan. He designed classy fusion clothing lines for men and he is married to a supermodel Amna Haq.

7- Nilofer shahid:

Nilofer shahid

She is the most popular fashion designer of Pakistan. She designed bridal wear, modern wear and as well as casual wear. She is longest known fashion designer of Pakistani fashion industry.


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