Top 5 Best Places to Eat in Colchester

Sometimes it is nice to get off campus and have something different to Zest, The Kitchen, The Canteen or Happy Days! There is a wide variety of food in town and although it is a bit more expensive than on campus, I think the food is worth it!. Lets have a glance to the places who are known to be the best for eating Colhester.

1- North Hill Noodle Bar

It is an Asian cuisine serving noodles, rice and soup and they have great desserts too. It is on North Hill in town and it is recommend to do booking before you go, as it is relatively small and sometimes gets packed!

2- Prezzo

Prezzo is an Italian chain restaurant on Culver Street in town. They serve mainly pizza and pasta for mains but have a couple of other options too. They accept student discount but usually have some great other deals on too. For example, at the moment they are offering 40% off main meals, so it really is worth checking their website before you go! The restaurant interior is modern, so it has a good atmosphere and the food is good too.

3- Middletons

This is located on North Hill and is one of the places I haven’t actually tried yet! However, I have heard really good reviews about it and would like to go soon. It specialises in burgers and steaks and it isn’t the cheapest restaurant in town, but I believe for the quality of food it is worth it! They also have a lunch specials menu, which is 1 Course £7.45 2 Courses £9.95 or 3 Courses £10.95 Monday-Saturday 12pm-3pm. It’s a great deal!

4- Rose and Crown

This is actually a pub situated in Wivenhoe. They serve things like burgers, burritos, baked potatoes, pies and even a roast dinner! They have something for everyone and it is in a great location on the river, so it’s a really pretty typical English pub.Even if you don’t want to go for food, it’s a nice place to go for drinks too.

5- Playhouse

This is a Wetherspoons and has a very large variety of food to choose from, from burgers, to curry, to pasta. They show their menu online, however they do not show prices, but I know that the food is cheap and they have some great deals! Inside they have it set out a bit like a theatre with characters from films set up as the audience, which makes it different and entertaining. It is on St. John’s Street, so it is easy to get to by bus or taxi.


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