Top 15 Deepest Places on the Earth

Mariana Trench

The earth is full of wonders. Some are well known but many of them are yet to be discovered. But it is certain that they exist. Out of those wonders, deepest places are certainly one of them. We all know that there are miles of layers between the surface of the earth and its solid core which is some 4000 miles away. To get to the core is the real question. Our planet Earth is full of places with unbelievable depths and then there are manmade stretches as well. These places with such depths always have attributes like climate conditions, location, and beaches, climbing mountains and tunnels etc.

Below is provided a list of such places with huge depths. We have made sure that the list will answer your most questions about dark places.

1- Kola Superdeep Borehole

Kola Superdeep Borehole

This is the deepest place on our planet. The thing is that this place is a man-made one but never been accessed by human beings. It is the deepest hole ever drilled at 40,230 feet underground. When the project started in 1970, the aim was 49,000 feet but the temperatures were higher than anyone expected -356F and if they’d got to 49,000 feet it would have gone up to 572F, which would be a difficult temperature for the drill to work out, even if it didn’t just melt. So drilling stopped in 1992 and reached a third of a way through the continental crust.

2- Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench

This is interesting that the top five deepest trenches are all in Pacific Ocean including Tonga Trench, Philippine Trench, K-K Trench and Kermadec Trench. But the deepest of them all is Mariana Trench at an amazing depth of 35,994 feet. Being the deepest in the world, it has been the subject of much exploration and at one point there was an intense competition between entrepreneur Richard Branson and film director James Cameron as to who could reach the bottom first. The latter won that content reaching the depth in 2012. There are several unusual life forms at the bottom of the trench, including foot-long amphipods and sea cucumbers that camouflage themselves against the sandy bottom.

3- Milwaukee Deep

Milwaukee Deep

Atlantic ocean has been “crowded” with deep trenches like Romanche Trench at 25,459 feet and the South Sandwich Trench at 27,650 feet. But the deepest one in Puerto Rico Trench specifically known as “Milwaukee Trench”. It reaches 28,680 feet below sea level. It’s found 76 miles north of Puerto Rico and was named after the USS Milwaukee, which discovered the deep on February 14th 1939 and recorded the reading of 28,680 feet. It is a very deep and dangerous trench as to geologist. They believe that it’s near a fault zone so, it can cause earthquake very soon generating a tsunami. It has not happened yet but it’s due according to a geologist.

4- Litke Deep

Litke Deep

It has been the major trend that the deepest places on this planet are the places under the ocean. Litke deep is the deepest Arctic trench located in Eurasian Basin. It is located on one of the extremes of the planet at 350 km north of Svalbard. Because it’s very deep about 17881 feet, it is also very cold. It’s the 20th deepest ocean trench in the world and probably one of the most inhospitable places in the world. It was named after the ice-breaking ship that discovered it in 1955 – the Fyodor Litke. The icebreaker served from 1909 till 1960 when it was eventually scrapped.

5- Kidd Mine

Kidd Mine

Kidd Mine is the deepest mine on earth below sea level. It reaches 8,967 feet below sea level. Located in Ontario Canada, the total depth of this mine is around 10000 feet. It is also closer to the center of the earth as its so far north. It opened in 1964 and till then it had been gradually expanded underground. It has the distinction of being the largest copper mine in the world. It has around 2200 workers and produces millions of tons of ores every year. Extra funding is required by this mine to prevent it from closing.

6- Krubera Voronya Cave

Krubera Voronya Cave

This cave is not for claustrophobic persons. The deepest cave in the world Voronya is located in Georgia with a depth of 7208 feet. The cave has two names, “Krubera” named after the Russian geographer Alexander Kruber and the other one is “Voronya Cave” meaning cave of crows as a lot of crows gather here. Since 2000, expeditions down the cave have become a yearly occurrence, with teams from the Ukraine, Britain, France, and Spain attempting to establish just how deep it is. Expeditions during the 80s regularly pushed the cave depth up by hundreds of meters – it might be that Voronya is much deeper than we even suspect. It’s certainly the only cave on Earth deeper than 2000 meters (6,561 feet) and mapping it is a daunting and very long-term task.

7- Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

The beautiful natural wonder of the world; Lake Baikal is located in Russia. This lake is deepest in the world reaching down to 5,387 feet. The lake exploration has been currently ongoing. The Russian Academy of Sciences sent submersible crafts down there in 2008 but they could only reach 5180 feet. It also failed to break the world record of the deepest freshwater dive also set in Baikal reaching down 537i feet. Not only the scientists but the tourists also take a special interest in it. It is known as the Pearl of Siberia owing to its clear waters. Now, the tourist industry is gradually making its roots deeper in the region as well.

8- El Zacato’n

El Zacato’n

Now it’s time for something natural – El Zacato’n; the worlds deepest sinkhole. Sinkholes are a curious natural phenomenon as they just appear naturally with no signs or warning. When they happen in populated areas, the devastation is beyond imagination. But El Zacato’n is not a new one and it’s filled with water providing a great view. Its depth has been measured by an automated robot which was 1112 feet below sea level. Humans also tried to go to the very depth in 1994 but they could only reach 925 feet and also one member of the crew died due to high-pressure nervous syndrome at 900 feet. Since then nobody tried to reach the bottom as it’s very dangerous.

9- Tegabau Hambach

Tegabau Hambach

The deepest open mine in the world, Tegabau Hambach has been located in Elsdorf, Germany. It is an open lignite mine at 961 feet below sea level. The total depth of mine is 1213 feet. It also has the distinction that contains the biggest excavator of the world capable of removing around 24,000 tons of lignite every day around a stadium’s worth. The mine is also a popular spot for tourists. They can see the mine from an artificial wooden hill called Sophienhohe. The hill itself is a record breaker as it’s the biggest artificial hill in the world around 990 feet above sea level.

10- Wooding dean Well

Wooding dean Well

The great feat of mankind, this handmade well is the deepest hand-dug mine to go to the deepest places on earth. The construction of this deepest hand-dug mine started in 1858. The first phase was to dig only 400 feet. When the digging was completed, the well went below 1200 feet below sea level. There was no safety equipment or protection in case of a collapse since the work was done with shovels standing on wooden ladders. This well is now covered and not accessible to the public but it’s still there.

11- Dormant Volcano

Dormant Volcano

Iceland is one giant geological hotspot with many active volcanic regions as well. The average eruption time is 3-4 years. Thrihnukagigir volcano of Iceland is a dormant volcano. It has not been erupted for over 4000 years and no signs of its eruption are there as well in the near future. This volcano is easily accessible to people. It has three craters one of which you will be descending into. The volcano is about 210 meters deep. When you go there, you find colorful marbles presenting a beautiful view.

12- Mponeng


Mponeng is a gold mine situated in Gauteng region of South Africa. The gold mine has the honors of being the most substantial gold mines in the world. It extends over 4 km below the surface. It also has the distinction of deepest mine of the world. It takes an hour to go from surface to bottom of the mine. The mine also has two gold reefs with the deepest being one meter thick. Every day over 5400 metric tons of rocks is excavated. The temperature of the mine is about 60 degree Celsius at maximum. The cooling operation is being carried out by slurry ice underground which keeps the temperature below 30.

13- Bentley Subglacial Trench

Bentley Subglacial Trench

Bentley Subglacial Trench is the lowest point on Earth surface. The trench was named after Charles Bentley; the geophysicist also in charge of the expeditions in West Antarctica in 1957-59 that led to the discovery of this trench. It is a vast topographic trench approximately 2,555 meters below sea level. It is the lowest point not covered by ocean though covered by ice. Some hot anomalies were detected recently in 2016 underneath the trench. Its pit is even deeper than the Grand Canyon.

14- Red Sea Diving

Red Sea Diving

One of the amazing places in the world, the Red Sea is famous for its deep sea diving as it has the deepest scuba dive in the world. The Red Sea has been blessed with warm clear water and abundant marine life which makes the diving even more wonderful. The dive is about 330 meters deep below sea level. The Red Sea is also a prime wreck diving destination, with a bevy of world-famous wrecks including several from the Second World War. You will find popular wrecks like S.S. Thistlegorm which was attacked and destroyed by Germans in 1941.

15- Majlis Al Jin Cave

Majlis Al Jin Cave

Majlis al Jin (the gathering place of jinn) is located in Oman. It is the second largest known cave chamber of the world as measured by the surface area of the floor. It ranks lower when measured by volume. The cave is located in a remote area of the Selma Plateau at 1,380 meters above sea level in the Sultanate of Oman, 100 km south-east from Muscat. The place is extremely difficult to reach. The chambers measurements are 310 meters by 225 meters. The deepest part of the cave is 178 meters below the top of the highest entrance. The volume of the chamber is approximately 4,000,000 cubic meters, and the floor area is 58,000 square meters.


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