Top 11 Video Gaming Consoles of All Time

A lot of people wonder about the best gaming consoles. They can’t decide the best-suited gaming console. We will let you decide on that. People’s choices vary for gaming consoles owing to their preferences. One must decide the consoles on the basis of game console design and parts as both are integral components. Here, we have presented the list of most popular gaming consoles of all time so,

let’s have a look at the list and remember how those controllers felt in your hands.

1- PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

It can be safely said that amongst the gaming consoles available in market, PS 4 stands out. It has widely become the choice of people because of some facts like it has a large library of games, refined controller and console design, array of connected services for online gaming and media services and much more. It has the most powerful APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) developed till date. The demands of PS 4 have been extensive making it to top global console sales. By the end of 2016, more than 53 million consoles have been sold worldwide, with more than 57 million shipped. Sony has also release some other refined versions of PS 4 like PS 4 Pro and PS 4 Slim and more are currently in the developing phase. Critics described PS 4 as the best network gaming console.

2- Xbox One

Xbox One

Xbox One has been released by Microsoft since almost four years and it’s becoming the people’s choice. The competition between Xbox and PlayStation is becoming more and more intense. The successor to Xbox 360, it is one of the main runners of the 8th generation video gaming consoles. This device is an “all in one entertainment system” as described by Microsoft. Its refined controller design, multimedia features and voice navigation are the main factors for this becoming a choice of the world. Currently more production models are in-line continuing the Xbox-One series like Xbox-One S etc. It is difficult to place it on 1st or 2nd spot because of the intense rivalry PS and Xbox has as both of them are producing fine models. According to some gaming experts. Xbox One is best multimedia and budget console.


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