Top 10 Mehendi (Henna) Designs


Mehendi (Henna):

It is made up from plant Lawsonia inermis. It is also called Henna!
The art of applying henna tattoos on one’s hand or feet.
The practice of designing on the hand, feet or skin with henna (mehendi).

Why do we use Mehendi?

It is a powerful medicinal herb as wedding, Eid such kind of events is stressful so mehendi can prevent too much stress and keep the body cool, it is the one reason we apply mehendi on feet and hand. It is also antiseptic it can protect us from viral diseases. The best part of mehndi is its beautiful color and its sweet smell which boost the romance with couple for few days.

In which occasion we can apply Mehendi?

We apply mehendi in Wedding, Eid and functions. According to Islamic belief applying Henna on wedding is essential part of Islamic wedding.

Applying mehendi may last for a while. There are numerous mehndi designs which u can apply no matter how simple it is but the color is sure to beauty your hand.

1- Peacock


The peacock is a very common design use in wedding mehndi. You can apply this design on your palm and it looks very attractive.

2- Leaves


It is a common wedding mehendi design and it resemble to paisley but look very different. You can apply it on your hand it look very beautiful.

3- Loops and Spiral

Loops and Spiral

Its seem like circular shape. You can use this circular design to create loops and u can also use spirals to create more attractive designs.

4- Flower


This design is full of beauty and it can help your mehndi to look beautiful. You can add a large number of flower designs in your mehndi for distinguish shapes to look unique.

5- Cheekers


This design is for feet. Applying the mehendi you can easily create checkered designs. It is very cosmos design it look very beautiful on feet.

6- Dots


You can apply this design by yourself because it includes on mostly of dots. If u aren’t using mehendi cone then u can also make dots very easily.

7- Curved line

Curved line

It is easy to make curved lines of distinguish shapes and sizes on your hand. This design look very amazing and everyone do like this designs much.

8- Paisley


It is a common designs everyone can make this designs in various shapes and sizes. You can apply a small paisleys together to fill a large area. It can apply on fingers, palm and also on arm.

9- Colors


Mehndi can also be used with color. Mehendi with colors look very amazing. What can make mehendi more beautiful than color?? Color can attract the attention. Color is the thing which can make everything beautiful.

10- Jaali mehendi design

Jaali mehendi design

In these days jaali mehendi designs are very common everyone like this design. This stunning design can apply on fingers and hands and it can grab a lot of attention. The new mehndi design will look nice on both back and front of hands.



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