This is the Most Dangerous island in the World

An indigenous tribe lives in the primitive state and does not attract strangers without attacking them.

This beautiful island, which might seem like one of the many paradisiacal locations perfect for a romantic honeymoon, is actually one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Would you ever have said to see her? Crystalline sea, lush vegetation, clear sky.

Yet the island of North Sentinel, located within the Bay of Bengal, in the heart of the Andaman, holds a great danger.

These are its inhabitants, the Sentinelese, who since the time of their establishment – which anthropologists believe to have happened 60,000 years ago – have never had contact with the outside world.

The indigenous population lives, therefore, still in the primitive state, so much so that the incautious people who approached the island were attacked without thinking twice with bow and arrows.

The danger of Sentinelese is confirmed by the numerous cases of death that have been recorded, including some fishermen who had come too close to the island (the last ones in 2006) and even quite rash tourists.

In 1974, moreover, a director who was recovering the wonderful landscapes of the island was hit by an arrow to a leg and in 2004 a helicopter that had approached to bring relief after a tsunami was attacked.

In short, it seems that the inhabitants of North Sentinel do not like company.

Moreover it is understandable: a population that still lives as if it were in the stone age, without having any contact with the outside world, can experience a natural fear of seeing helicopters and boats approaching. The most is in the good sense of those who would like to “study” them, doing so with due respect and distance.

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