Telenor Call Packages: Daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly


Throughout the country, Over 42 Million subscribers enjoys best Daily, 3-Days, weekly and Monthly call packages from Telenor, making it  the second largest mobile operator throughout the country.

Telenor offers various call packages to its user, the details for those call packages are described one by one below.

Daily Offers

Daily offers are for those users who subscribe the offer in need to get their job done. There are different types of Daily Packages means that can be subscribed for an hour, or some specific time during 24 hrs and some offers are for the whole day till midnight 12 AM.

Rundown of Telenor Daily offers are described below. You can pick any of these offers which is optimum for your situation and enjoy the best offer ….!!!

1-  TELENOR Good Time Offer

Get two hours of talk time to any Telenor range and two hundred MB + fifty MB for facebook for two hours.

Price:                    Rs. 6.00

Call:                       Unlimited on-net minutes for 2hrs (except 6pm to 9pm)

Validity:               1 Day

Net:                       two hundred MB + fifty MB Facebook

Activation:          Dial:*345*20#


2-  TELENOR Superload Offer

Get twenty free minutes for all networks upon recharge of Rs.100 or a lot of. simply dial *5*100# before recharge of Rs100 or a lot of.

Price:                    Rs. 0.50

Call:                       20 Mints All Network

Validity:               One Day

Activation:          Dial:*5*100#


3-  24 HR Poora Pakistan Offer

Enjoy unlimited Telenor minutes for the whole day with the 24 HRs Offer.

Price:                    Rs. 16.73

Call:                       75 Mints

Validity:               one Day

Activation:          Dial:*345*24#


Get superb rates for calls to any or all networks with the Telenor 2 Paisa Daily Offer.

Price:                    Rs. 4.78+ Tax

Call:                       Rs. 0.02/Sec (+ Tax)

Validity:               one Day

Activation:          Dial:*020#



Get superb rates for calls to Telenor network only with the 50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer.

Price:                    Rs. 15.00

Validity:               One Day

Call:                       Fifty (50) on-net minutes

SMS:                      300

Net:                       Four MB

Activation:          Dial:*240#


djuice Daily Call Offers

1-  Daily Hybrid Bundle

  • djuice offers you the best Fifty (50) Mints Bundle, so you can make Telenor calls without tension.

Price:                    Rs. 10.00

Validity:               One Day

Call:                       50 Telenor Mints

Net:                       Ten MB

Activation:          Dial:*345*700#



If you want to stay connected with your friends 24 hours a day, djuice Team Offer charge only the first call of the day. Free enjoy all the calls rest of the day..!!!

Price:                    Rs. 6.00

Validity:               One Day

Call:                       Free djuice and on-net FNF calls

Net:                       Free Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & Instagram

Activation:          Dial:*345*11#


3-Days Offers

Telenor offers Call packages with validity of three days. Rundown of Telenor 3 Days Offers are described below. You can pick any of these offers which is optimum for your situation and enjoy the best bundle.

1-  Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Offer

Provides you complete usage for 3 days, simply subscribe once and luxuriate in on-net calls, off-net calls, SMS and net.

Price:                    Rs. 40.00

Call:                       On-net: 250 Mints

Off-net25 Mints

Validity:               Three Days

SMS:                      250

Net:                       50MB net beside 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook

Activation:          Dial:*5*3#


3-  3 DAY DIN BHAR Offer

Make unlimited calls to any Telenor range for 3 Days from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Price:                    Rs. 24.50

Call:                       6 AM to 6 PM free

Validity:               3 Days

Dial:                       *345*626#



Make unlimited FREE on-net calls to your friends and family.

Price:                    Rs. 34.00

Call:                       Free calls except 7pm-10pm

Validity:               Three Days

Activation:          Dial:*345*299#


Provides you complete usage of 3 days with 3 Day On-net Offer.

Price:                    Rs. 30.00

Validity:               Three Days

Call:                       250 Telenor Minutes

SMS:                      Five hundred SMS

Net:                       Fifteen MB (3G

Activation:          Dial:*730#


Weekly Offers

Telenor offers Call packages with validity of 1 Week. Rundown of Telenor Weekly Offers are described below. You can pick any of these offers which is optimum for your situation and enjoy the best offer.

1-  Haftawar Sahulat Offer

The Offer is going to be valid for seven days from the day of subscription.

Price:                    Rs. 95.00

Call:                       On-net: 1000 Mints

Off-net: 70 Mints

SMS:                      700

Net:                       100MB net beside 350MB Social Pack

Dial:                       *5*7#


2-  Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly Offer

  • Get superb call and SMS rates on all networks with Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly supply.

Price:                    Rs. 4.78+ Tax

Call:                       2paisa/sec for all networks

Validity:               Seven Days

Dial:                       *345*227#


3-  Haftawar Chapparh Phaar Offer

  • Offer Eligibility: Offer will solely be activated through the web site and My Telenor App.

Price:                    Rs. 50.00

Validity:               The offer shall be valid till midnight it’s subscribed.

Call:                       1200 + 800 On-net minutes

Net:                       Seventy MB


4- 7 Day Mini Budget Offer

Telenor provides you complete usage of 7 days with 7 Day Mini Budget

Price:                    Rs. 86.00

Validity:               seven Days

Call:                       500 on-net Mints

SMS:                      1000

Net:                       50 MB

Activation:          Dial:*345*247#


Terms and Conditions

  • Telenor reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time.
  • Offer mechanics and rate can be altered at any time, depend on decisions taken.
  • Price is tax comprehensive for AJK and GB.
  • Call setup charges of 15 paisa will be charged on all call. These rates are 12.5+ tax in Azad Jammu Kashmir and GilgitBaltistan.


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