Shaan Khan

Shaan Khan is a famous Pashto singer. The music of shan khan is based on Pashto folk, with a more contemporary approach. Shaan Khan is a young charismatic exponent of folk and Sufi music and comes from a respected family from Waziristan in the province of KPK.

Waziristan is part of Pakistan’s tribal areas where there is an ongoing operation against militancy; few people realize the wealth of musical heritage that came from this part of the country, and the struggles that musicians have had to go through to keep the music alive.

Shan Khan together with his renowned father, Kamal Mehsud had to flee their home region after receiving several threats.

Their music was also used as a tool for rehabilitation after the army action. Kamal Mehsud subsequently tragically lost his life in an explosion which is still under investigation.

Shaan khan band uses mostly traditional instruments to create modern arrangements to cater for both younger audiences as well as traditional music lovers. Shaan Khan is a highly accomplished vocalist who also sings in other languages besides Pushto such as Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki and English. He comes from an educated background and so is well able to communicate the content of his music for foreign audiences as well.

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Shaan Khan has toured abroad in the UK in 2007 where he performed with his father at Trafalgar Square on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Pakistan.

The following year he was part of a youth contigent from Pakistan that performed at the Mevlana Rumi Festival in Istanbul, Konya and Ankara in Turkey.

This year Shaan Khan toured United Arab Emirates and had solo concerts in Hatta, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



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