Procedure & Benefits Of Facial Massage Therapy With a Spoon


It has become a certainty that every human being is getting older, will grow older. not a few people especially women do a variety of skin care and face to keep looking attractive and youthful. Along with increasing age Gradually the skin begins to have wrinkles and dark circles and eye bags. However, you do not need to be too worried because these are the normal signs of aging, with the age and exposure of cosmetic substances used every day, slowly the elasticity of the skin begins to decline and the aging of the cells will be more visible. If you want to keep the beauty and facial appearance to keep looking young, try using spoon therapy. This spoon massage was recommended by Rene Koch a doctor and a German beauty expert.

Benefits of facial massage therapy with a spoon

-No cost because it can be done anytime and anywhere and by anyone.

– Can eliminate excess fluid often found in the tissues, improve blood circulation, reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and smoothness, all this in the comfort of your home and free of cost

Tools and materials needed:

Prepare two teaspoons, a small bowl of essential oils such as olives, sunflower or linseed oil) and a glass of cold water and ice cubes

Therapeutic steps:

Clean your face first, apply a facial moisturizer thoroughly. sterilize the spoon using alcohol and store it in a glass of cold water and ice

After a cold spoon, place them on the upper eyelid. Then hold for 10 seconds, repeat this technique for 5 times. This technique is excellent for removing swelling in the eyelid area.

Before starting with a facial massage, keep a spoon in warm oil. Then press gently on the lines of your face.

– Begin with the forehead from the top of the nose and continue through the temples and hair growth lines

– Use on the eyelid with rotary motion from the inside and back angle.

– Use on the cheek from the beginning of the nostrils; on the chin. Each of these movements must be performed ten times

– To further facilitate and lubricate facial skin, you need to apply more oil on it. After you finish the massage, use warm water to thoroughly cleanse the face. Maximum time this facial massage should reach ten minutes. Start with 1-2 minutes on your first day and gradually increase its duration every day. Do it every day. The best effect can be seen if you do it for 10 days in a row


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