Nigina Amonqulova

Nigina Amonqulova (written in Tajik: Нигина Амонқулова; Persian: نگینه امانقلوا‎) is a famous Tajik singer. She was born on 30 January 1986 in Penjikent, Leninabad, Tajikistan. Nigina is a Tajik pop singer, performer of Tajik folk songs and songs in the retro style.


Wiki And Biography

Nigina Amonkulova was born in the city of Penjikent in the west of Tajikistan. Despite the fact that her parents, especially her father, were not indifferent to music.

Education and Career

Nigina herself all her conscious childhood dreamed of being a doctor. To achieve her goal, she even entered a medical school. However, after one successful performance at the final school evening, Nigina decided to seriously engage in music.

The next step on the way to singing career was participation in the capital festival “Andaleb”. Nigina came to Dushanbe as a part of the Penjikent ensemble and received the main prize. Her song “Ranchida nigoram omad” (“Loved one came hurt”) made her name known not only in her native Penjikent, but also in the capital. From this moment began her stage career.

Nigina moved to Dushanbe and began performing Tajik folk songs and songs in the “retro” style. In a short time the singer became famous throughout Tajikistan, which was promoted by the folk, “non-pop” nature of her songs. The singer usually performs in bright costumes made on the basis of Tajik national costumes, which gives her even more charm to her performances.

Looks and Appearance

Nigina Amonqulova has green eyes and Black hairs. She is 5’ 7” Tallweights 60 Kg. His star sign is Aquarius.

Contact Info

Sadakaton Azizova is the general manager for any press release contact number is +(99291) 882-4782.



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