List of 10 Biggest Graveyards Around The World

Today we will look through into some of the biggest graveyards that exists in the world.

1- Wadi Al-Salam Cemetery

Area: 1500 Acres
Buried: 10 Millions
Established: 7th Centaury
City: Najaf
Country: Iraq

Wadi Al-Salam is the largest cemetery of the world, also known as the valley of peace. It is more than 1400 years old. This cemetery covers almost 15% of the city.

Wadi Al-Salam is the most sacred cemetery of Muslims. From thousands of years Muslims bury their dead here. Not only from Iraq but also from Iran, Pakistan, India and many other Muslims countries people came here to bury their death.

2- Calverton National Cemetery

Area: 1045 Acres
Buried: 212,000
Established: 1978
City: New York
Country: United State

Calverton National Cemetery is the largest cemetery of United State and the 2nd largest of the world. Calverton National Cemetery is the busiest cemetery in the United State and receives near 10,000 burials each year.

3- Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

Area: 982 Acres
Established: 1862
City: Ellwood
Country: United State

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is named after the 16th president of United State and founder of the national cemetery system. In 1999, this cemetery was dedicated as the 117th national cemetery of United State.

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery has a memorial walkway, in the honor of soldiers who lost their lives in 20th century war. This cemetery also has a public information center.

4- City: Ellwood

Area: 966 Acres
Buried: 1.5 Million
Established: 1877
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany

Ohlsdof Cemetery is the largest cemetery of Germany and the 4th largest of the world. About 40% of all burial of Hamburg bury in Ohlsdof Cemetery.

Ohlsdof Cemetery has a reconciliation area and the museum to raise public interest and for promote the historical funeral culture. About 2 million people visit this cemetery from around the world.

5- Karacaahmet Cemetery

Area: 750 Acres
Buried: 1 Million
Established: 1436
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey

Karacaahmet Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Turkey, located in Uskudar, on the Asian side of Istanbul. This cemetery consists in 12 sections, each section dedicated to different religious groups.

Karacaahmet Cemetery named in the honor of warrior the Karaca Ahmet Sultan, whose highly adored tomb is here. This cemetery also has many other historical tombs with inscriptions in the Ottoman Turkish alphabet. The burial ground is covered with high cypress trees and no space left for more burials.

6- Rookwood Cemetery

Area: 741.3 Acres
Buried: 1 Million
Established: 1868
City: Sydney
Country: Australia

Rookwood Cemetery is the largest Victorian cemetery in the world. It is the multi cultural cemetery and divided into five religious and operational areas with separate offices, staff, and equipment to run different parts of the entire area.

General Cemetery Trusts, the Catholic Cemeteries Board, the Independent Cemetery Trust, Jewish Cemetery Trust, Muslim Cemetery Trust. Each trust is responsible for the maintenance and care of a number of graves in their own section.

7- Spring Grove Cemetery

Area: 733 Acres
Established: 1845
City: Cincinnati
Country: United State

Spring Grove Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the United State, located in Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati. This cemetery was founded by Stephen Page in 1845. The first burial took place on 1st September 1945.

Numbers of visitors came to visit Spring Grove Cemetery every year. This cemetery has 12 ponds, numbers of beautiful tombstones and memorials, and various examples of Gothic Revival architecture.

8- Arlington National Cemetery

Area: 624 Acres
Buried: 400,000
Established: 1864
City: Arlington County
Country: United State

Arlington National Cemetery is the most famous military cemetery of the United State. Every year more than four million people visit Arlington National Cemetery.

Arlington National Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries of united state, was established during world war. The cemetery is divided into 70 sections and has many monuments of famous personalities of the United State.

9- Crown Hill Cemetery

Area: 555 Acres
Buried: 200,000
Established: 1864
City: Indianapolis
Country: United State

Crown Hill Cemetery is one of the largest private cemeteries in the United State. It is situated on the highest geographical point of the Indianapolis city. This cemetery has 10 sections, and because of its beautiful location it becomes the most popular place for tourists.

10- Brookwood Cemetery

Area: 500 Acres
Buried: 235,000
Established: 1849
Village: Brookwood
Country: United Kingdom

Brookwood Cemetery was established by London Necropolis Company. It is the largest cemetery in the United Kingdom and the 2nd largest in the Europe.

Brookwood Cemetery is situated about 30 miles south-west of London and between woking, Guildford and Aldershot. The Brookwood Railway Station is next to the Brookwood Cemetery, trains pass beside the cemetery directly from Brookwood to Waterloo Railway Station.


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