Lemon Diet To Lose 20 KG Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

The Lemon Water Diet Menu for Lose Weight – A diet with lemon juice is one of the easiest and inexpensive way to cleanse the body system and thus the health of our body will increase. With a little effort, this diet will help you in detoxifying the body and make it resistant to various health problems.

How lemon water can help you lose weight?

A glass of water mixed with lemon juice can help you lose weight, why? Here’s why:

Pectin Fiber

Pectin fiber in lemon water can naturally help reduce hunger, prevent overeating and help you lose weight.

Helps Digestion

Lemon water based on its nature acts as a diuretic and laxative (if mixed with warm water) so it can help you lose weight and encourage healthy bowel movements.

Reduces fat levels

A study reveals an inverse correlation between the amount of vitamin C content in the body. It turns out the abundant supply of vitamin C in lemons can trigger a biochemical reaction that can reduce fat in the body.


Polyphenol substances in lemons have been shown to affect the body’s fat mechanisms in reducing weight and insulin resistance.

Lemon Water Diet Plan

The lemon water diet is also known as the ‘Master Cleanse Diet’, because of its amazing effect. So here’s a week-long diet plan to help you start losing weight and a healthier life.


– Lemon juice, 2 tablespoons
– Natural honey, 2 tablespoons
– Cayenne pepper, 1/10 teaspoon
– Water


Mix lemon water, honey and cayenne pepper together. Add water, and stir until mixed evenly.


1 bowl of unsweetened wheat
1 cup lemon water


Soup and 1 serving of boiled chicken
1 cup lemon water


A bowl of fruit
1 cup lemon water


1 serving of grilled chicken or fish
1 cup lemon water


Lemon is a fruit rich in citric acid that can help strengthen the immune system. A natural sugar form that helps to boost energy levels. The metabolic rate gets a boost from the peppers and all this leads to weight loss. This diet starts to cleanse the body by removing all toxins and harmful bacteria within a week.

Side effects of lemon juice diet

Drinking too much lemon water can cause some problems. Due to its acid nature, if drinking too much, tooth enamel can be eroded. This can cause teeth to be very sensitive to food temperature. It can also cause heartburn. Uncomfortable feelings that can cause physical discomfort and decreased productivity. The content of vitamin C and ascorbic acid in lemon water is known for its diuretic properties, this can lead to more frequent urination.


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