Katie Elizabeth Donnelly

Full name:

Her full name is Katie Elizabeth Donnelly while her nick name is Katie. At the gym she got the nick name “Beam Queen”.


She was born on 25 th June, 2004 in Maryland. Her zodiac sign is cancer.


Her father name is Mike and has been working as a director for Disney. Her mother Jill is an internet notability that has an account on YouTube and has more than a millions of fans. Katie has two brothers Ryan and Brennan. Every time katie goes to Disney with her family to get a mickey ice-cream. She is good friend with Annie Leblanc.


She is an internet celebrity and has a channel on YouTube. She is a YouTube star. She is also a gymnast and is very keen in swimming. When she was 6 years old she started gymnastic. She is also very talented in music. Katie started her career when she was 10 years old. And became a you tuber in May 2015 and accelerate over 100, 00 0 subscribers in the very three short months.


She is taught at her home because of her tight schedule. She is homeschooled.

Marital status:

Katie is not married and it’s not known that she have friends.

Body measurement:

She has a slim body and has a dark brown hair color and brown eyes. Katie’s height is 5 feet and she weighs 42 Kg.

Likes and dislikes:

She likes pomegranate. She doesn’t eat meat from pigs. Her favorite color is navy blue and maroon. Her favorite number is 8 and she likes to go for hiking. Katie only uses mascara whenever she is attending a big event.


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