Karan Khan – کرن خان

Karan Khan was born in April 1980 at Tendo-dag, Ballogram Village of District Swat, KPK, Pakistan. Karan Khan passed his matric examination form his village school and completed his graduation from University of Malakand and did his Masters in Pashto Literature. Though currently entertaining his fans with his melodious voice.

Name: Karan Khan

Birth Date: April, 1980

Age: 38

Profession: Singer, Song writer

Home Town: Tendo-dag, Ballogram Village of District Swat

Country: Pakistan

Karan Khan is still in the learning process as he has undertaken his Ph.D. on the Pashto Literature at the Department of Pashto, University of Peshawar.

Apart from singing new poets, Karan has also sung the old classical poets like Rahman Baba, Khushal Khan Khattak and Sahib Shah Sabir. He even introduced Rahman Baba’s poetry in the form of qawali which was admired by the Pashto music lovers all over the world.

Karan Khan also plans to commemorate many aged Pashto poets who are there in the business but haven’t been acclaimed for the poetry. In one such effort he arranged a musical night and released an album in remembrance of Sahib Shah Sabir.

He also plans to hold such nights in connection with other poets such as Khatir Afridi, Habib Ullah Betab, Abdur Raheem Roghani, Tasken Manerwal, Akmal Lewaney etc.

Karan Khan is a born and self-taught vocalist whose vocal resources have equipped him to also fluently render songs in languages other than Pashto like Farsi and Urdu. He has so far released 13 albums, all of which have sold like hot cakes in the market and his fans always eagerly wait for his next album.

The most prominent of which are wachey panre, bawar, intezar, sabawon, hindara etc. He had also held different concerts not only in Pukhtunkhwa and Balochistan but also in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah and Oman.



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