How To Overcome Hair Loss Quickly And Naturally


Fruit is good for the body and contains many vitamins, it turns out the leaves of guava also has a beauty benefits for hair. Guava leaves you can make as a mask to overcome hair loss. In addition to safe because of natural ingredients.

Does guava leaf can prevent hair loss? Hair loss is more commonly experienced by men. But women can also experience thinning of hair and finally hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by vitamin deficiency.

Solutions to treat hair loss usually depends on what causes hair loss. Many people are desperate and do everything to solve this unpleasant problem by using various expensive cosmetic treatments and products.

One way that is used to prevent thinning and hair loss is by using guava leaves.

Guava may be the most famous among many other herbal plants. Many manufacturers on pharmaceutical field that uses this leaf extract to treat various types of diseases.

Guava or which has the Latin name Psidium guajava is the original fruit of tropical soil like Indonesia. Health benefits that can be obtained from fruit plants this one is not only limited to the fruit alone, but also on the leaves and stems of plants.

Scientists say that regular use of guava leaves every day will help to combat thinning and hair loss. Guava leaves contain lots of vitamin B which is the most significant vitamin for hair fertility and health protection.


  1. Prepare 20-30 pieces of fresh guava leaves and have been cleaned first.
  2. Put the guava leaf sheet into water as much as 1 liter, then boil for 15-20 minutes until the color of the leaves turn brown.
  3. After the water boils and leaves change color, turn off the stove, then let the guava leaves stew overnight.
  4. After a night stand, filter the boiled water, then use as a mask on your hair.
  5. Flush gently boil the guava leaves all over the hair and let sit for a while, then rinse hair and wash it as usual until clean.

In order to get significant results and your hair is free from loss, do these tips twice a week. In addition to overcoming hair loss, guava leaves can also prevent the appearance of dandruff and can soften your hair, you know.


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