Health Problems You Can Test From Pressing Your Feet

Try pressing the soles of your feet with your fingers tightly, do you feel the pain there?

The sole of our feet is full of acupuncture points so that when pressed if you feel pain, there must be an unhealthy part in your body. Especially if you share a sore finger, you should pay more attention to it again.

1- Fingers

If your toes hurt when pressed, then it’s a sign that your brain is exhausted. Our brain is the center of everything in our bodies.

Sometimes we often do not know if our brains are exhausted. Therefore, you may try to sigh for more oxygen to flow to your brain part. But if you get dizzy, you’ll need to visit the nearest specialist/doctor.!

2- Foot heel

If you feel pain in the heel of the foot, this means that your reproductive organs are not very healthy.

For women, you often have had menstrual and extraordinary pain during menstruation. If you experience this symptom, immediately visit the nearest specialist/doctor.

To prevent this from happening again, you may wear a scarf on your neck to warm your body.

3- The center of the foot

If it hurts when you pressed the center of your feet. This means there are problems in your digestive system.

May be due to excessive meat consumption or stress you are experiencing. You may try to eat less meat, and increase the consumption of high-fiber foods or porridge easily absorbed by your digestion.

Well it turns out from the soles of our feet we may know whether we are healthy or not yes?

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