Get Inspired By Jennifer Lawrence’s Most Beautiful Looks!

The beautiful J Law never goes unnoticed during these media or artistic appearances thanks to her superb sense of humor, but also thanks to her beautiful outfits. The Hollywood star often does not hesitate to afford original looks, but always extremely elegant. Rouge Raspoise presents its most beautiful looks to better inspire you.

Feel free to share us in comments the look that you liked the most and that you would wear on a daily basis!


Jennifer Lawrence chose to wear rather wide and slightly torn jeans with a white top close to the body. She also decided to break that casual look by donning a long checkered gray Ralph Lauren blazer and beautiful black-heeled shoes that resemble the color of the blazer buttons.


It does not take much Jennifer Lawrence to let his sex appeal explode!

With a long red dress and very simple cut, the beautiful actress managed to subdue the press people.

If you want to highlight your silhouette, do not hesitate to reproduce this beautiful look and adopt the total look Red.


The star opts for the color black and wears a small tank close to the body very short with his pretty tight skirt that reaches his knees. This outfit highlights its slim waist and harmonious silhouette. To top it off, she also wears black sandals that make her beautiful long legs that fit like a glove with the rest of her outfit.


This look is halfway between casual and chic. Jennifer Lawrence is wearing a beautiful black and white long sleeved sweater with a small black skirt and black pointy heels. It accentuates the chic side of the look while also wearing black glasses.

If you were looking for the ideal outfit for an appointment, you fell well!


We understand that Jennifer Lawrence loves to add classy touches to her most casual looks. In this picture, she is wearing black carrot pants with a gray mini-top. Until then the look is quite casual. However, she chooses to add a little classy touch with a black blazer and black and gray loafers as well as a handbag and black glasses.


At London’s Tape Club, Jennifer wore a super sexy tight dress. The bustier is black and remains very visible. The rest of the dress is, in turn, printed in large pink, gray and beige flowers. This beautiful dress reaches her knees, which makes her legs absolutely sublime. With this garment, she chose to wear sandals with heels and black laces that show off as ever.

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