Farah Sadia

Full name:
Her full name is Farah Sadia and her nick name is Farah.

Farah was born on 8th November 1975. She is 43 years old.

Personal life:

She was born in Islamabad and she belongs to a very educated family. Farah got married to Iqbal Husain who was a media person. They met on a drama shot where he falls in love with Farah and they got married in 1990. They have two sons Abdul Rehman and Abdullah but they are separated in 2013. After the separation the two children stayed in the guardian of Farah.

Professional life:
She is a Pakistani actress and presenter. She started her career from PTV Home. She began her profession on Pakistani TV drama serial “Bandan”. She worked in a lot of dramas on PTV Home. She is very popular from her hosting style she came into sight in different dramas on Pakistani channels. She is famous for her . cuteness and she gives a beautiful styles in pictures. She joined ATV as a host where she is currently hosting a morning show on A plus channel. The name of the show is “ek nayi Subha with farah”. Her hosting style is very famous among Pakistani Hosting Industry.

Birth sign:
Her birth sign is Scorpio.

Marital status:
She’s separated from her husband.

Body measurement:
Her height is 5 feet 6 inch and she weighs 70 kg.

She completed her education from Islamabad and her qualification is B.A.


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