[Exercise] That Will Help Reduce Skin Problems Including Bright Skin, Remove Black Spots

Women’s skin problems are often associated with endocrine disorders or other female diseases. this time we want to share one easy way that can help improve our body.

The trick is very easy: You just need to sit cross-legged with a thick quilt of approximately 3-4 cm then unite the two feet.

Hold both legs with your hands and press your knees up to the floor. This way of sitting is called “Butterfly Style”. As you sit like this, your back should stay in an upright position. Next repeat your knee movements up and down.

“Butterfly style” can make blood circulation smoothly through the movement of both legs that cause blood to move faster and can clean the corners where blood circulation usually clogged.

If you do it in a regular way, your face will becomes fresher, freckles on the face and acne will disappear, blood circulation will be smooth. Surely the body is healthy!


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