Easy Way to lose weight up to 4kg in 5 days without Hunger

Want to lose 5 kg in one week, without being hungry at all? Without feeling bored with the menu, that’s the portion that suddenly shrinks due to a diet, or other problems that can cause a diet failure?
The GM diet was first conceived specifically for employees at the General Motors company, United States. The 7-day diet program was field tested by the John Hopkins Research Center and the results have been approved by General Motors top management. This diet program succeeded in raising General Motors’ health and fitness management level, once increasing the competitiveness of General Motors products
The GM diet is designed to lose weight around 5-8 kg safely in one week. GM diet is also detoxifying and improves eating and emotional patterns.


GM diet is a full 7-day diet program with different types of food every day. During the diet should drink at least 10 glasses of water a day and not drink alcohol during the diet program.


The GM diet can be repeated once a month without disturbing nutritional balance. Your maximum ideal weight is 22.5 x Height (M) x Height (M).
If your height is 162cm, your maximum weight is 22.5 x 1.62 x 1.62 = 59 Kg.


Breastfeeding mothers who are overweight, people with diabetes mellitus, people with heart disease, patients with gastric disease (gastritis) are strongly encouraged to follow this diet


First Day: Fruits, except bananas.
On the first day, only fruits were allowed. Any fruit except bananas. You can eat until you’re full. It is advisable to consume more melons and watermelons.


Day Two: Vegetables
The second day is only allowed to eat vegetables. Anything both raw and cooked. Can be cooked sauteed, soup or boiled. It can also be made as long as the beans are limited.
There is no limit to the number or type of vegetables and may eat until full.


Third Day: Vegetables and Fruits
On the third day you can mix vegetables and fruits. There is no limit to the number and may be as many as desired. But still not allowed to consume bananas.


Day Four: Banana and Milk
On the fourth day consumption of bananas is 8 bananas and 3 cups of milk. Do not consume other types of food.
If you are allergic to cow’s milk (Lactose intolerance), it can be replaced with soy milk.


If you don’t like eating bananas, you can replace it with mateng guava, kiwifruit, or melon.


Day 5: Meat or Fish and Tomato Files
500 grams of beef and 6 tomatoes became the main menu on the fifth day. Hamburger meat or Meal Ball is allowed. Increase consumption of water to cleanse the digestive system. Beef can be replaced with skinless chicken or tempeh for vegetarians. If you don’t like tommato, replace it with sweet starfruit.


Sixth Day: Meat or Fish and Vegetable Files
On the sixth day, you can eat a combination of vegetables and meat or fish in an unlimited amount.


Seventh Day: Red Rice, Fruit Juice, and Vegetables
On the last day the diet began to return to the usual diet with a menu of brown rice, fruit and vegetable juices.


This recipe is enough to be done once a month. Pay attention, how you don’t need to spend a lot of money and go on a hard diet to maintain a healthy weight.


GM diet can be one solution for those who need a diet with weight loss quickly without having to worry about hunger or boredom because of a monotonous diet. This GM diet apparently succeeded in reducing blood sugar levels in people with Diabetes Mellitus. Breastfeeding mothers whose weight exceeds their ideal weight can follow this diet.


Please spread to friends, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives you know need help. The future winners need healthy, strong and intelligent citizens.
Happy Healthy and Fit!


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