Cure Acne And Black Spots With Ginger & Kitchen Spices


The 43-year-old Wanta finds a magic mix that can remove acne scars and black spots on the face. Only with fresh ginger + vinegar and also honey, within 30 seconds, black spots on this mother’s face immediately faded.

Just by applying a mixture of natural ingredients in 1 day, this mother looks younger like a young girl aged 20 years!

Well do you know how? Black spots? not really right, you girls will definitely love this way, because it is super powerful and made from natural ingredients that have no side effects.

This is a photo before applying a mixture of ginger.

Here’s how

The materials needed are; Ginger, Honey and Vinegar.

1. The first step, wash the ginger until clean, then input to the jar and pour the vinegar to taste (do not exceed the ginger) next the top of the jar.

2. The second step, insert a jar containing ginger and vinegar into the refrigerator and let stand for 1 day.

3. After silenced for 1 day, remove the jar from the refrigerator, then open and input enough honey, stir until evenly and wait 30 minutes.

Well here it is, ginger mask is ready and ready to use.

The trick is easy, take a piece of ginger and wipe on the face, including the black-colored parts, massage a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.

And the result will be like this, not magic.

Good luck…


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