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Baryalai Samadi


Barayalai Samadi is a popular singer amongst the Sarhadi Afghans. He was born in 1978 in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. His father Ustad Abdul Samad was also great singer of his time.

Because of his musical family background baryali was interested in music from the childhood. He also plays many instruments including tabla. Rabab, Tula (flute), Dol (drum) and few other instrumental equipments


Baryalai Samadi’s Albums:

  1. Attan
  2. Mata Janan Wowaya
  3. Da Shpelai Awaz
  4. Gran Watan
  5. Janaan Wowaya
  6. Salam Aw Ehteram
  7. Shamlo Watan


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