Babastars is a well-known group of artists, labels and producers. Sound Group 3 now known Kosovar group was formed in 1996 formed Getoar Aegis Group. Getoari was born July 3, 1982 in Pristina and as a child he had mentioned in the first song which he sang together with singer Anita Vukpalaj. This song titled “Rap worship” in question is in Getoari collaborated with Topushen Lives and Besa Gashi where the band took the name of three sounds “Sound 3” .Mirëpo after a very short time, after two songs performed reaches bashkëpunimit.Pas termination of this in the “sOUND 3” Agon entered Sulayman (BIG XIG) born in Pristina on 28 July of 1982, Getoari decided to continue to bear the name “sound 3”. After two years ago the idea was born to klan.Kjo formed a rap idea realized, formed clan called “Kosovo Out Laëz Clan” .With formation of this clan began cooperation with other groups that were part of the clan in fjalë.Duhet stated that after a kohevetmi members sound 3 began cooperating with the band “shadow of Life” .After three years from this collaboration came the new song sound 3 “G Funk Geloxia” where it should be mentioned that this song was also attended Muqiqi.Ky approach was a new step 3.With sound after the renewal of the cooperation with the map suffered angels, which was set at sound 3. In bashkëpunm the map angels with group whose members were good friends later came the first song K.OL. C ‘desire to be “a time .After went well this kënge.Spoti spot in question was the best spot kohës.Njëherit noting that after intense work, great following within the clan disputes constituted groups clan in question.


After these disputes also managed to squander K.OL.C’s where each group to achieve continued activity vetnë Last individuale.Pas so all these things sound 3 with a powerful swing and fought strong to be those who are seriously working sot.Pas was also the first album titled “Pristina Fuckin City” which were part of the new songs but also some vjetra.Pastaj continued cooperation in further years later changed the group name and became sound 3nt.Në 2005 became 2po2 cooperation with the song “Prishtinali” was actually .Then album “the 3nt” .Annan makes several collaborations with singers as entertainment: Fatima Kosumi, Linkin Park, Genta, Nicki Minaj, Skillz, Lyrical Son, chaos, Don Pizhi, Dj Blunt, Real1, and finally tune with Ermal Fejzullahun.Albumi last and most successful was “Point to Wear” that took place in 2008 Today is sound 3nt consisting of: Getoar Aegis (Ghetto Gold) and Agon Sulayman (Big Xig).


Altuna Sejdiu is a singer from Macedonia and started her career at age 15. She with her ​​rhythmic songs quickly has become acceptable in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. Although seductive performance disclosed a strong girl, Tuna has created scenic image mischievous daughter. He became famous with the song Machomen with which the festival was declared fituse Grade-fest in Skopje. Is the daughter of the famous sportsman in history, Saban Sejdiu from Skopje village of Blace.
Singer known for some love story that has been made public, has decided to discontinue celibacy. On April 4, 2010 she married Reka regenerate and then divorced after a few months.

Edited two albums, earned 15 awards, 10 years on stage, a name already known to all generations of music entertainment muzikdashësve Albanian, so the singer can summarize our February Altuna Sejdiu – TUNA.

The song that is titled She brought great success to the singer.
With the abovementioned video clip of the song that she won the award Best All Noise Show Awards 2012, so dukse not even touch the left side of the bird on stage.

Skivi aka Visar Shala:

High school where Visar study, organized musical concerts. After one of the concerts Ledri Visar asks for you to create a new group together. Visar refused and so they held the first song “chaos and Bardool
He continued doing duets with REKORDS Baba and DJ Blunt, who contributed much to the group Skillz.
Now they have two albums in the market: one called “Ahh FeMn” and the other “VIP”.
Without forgetting and collaboration as we hit the last example, together with TDS entitled “HOW Manekene”.
Also they even participated in festivale.Ata videofestivalin in 2008 won “Video-fest” where were awarded “BEST ALL” for the best video titled “Oh women” .Yes in this year they were introduced in the grand festival “Magic “in a collaboration with the seasons where they played their song titled” Stop the run “where were awarded” Best Hip-Hop “and were evaluated with 269 points from the artists of the festival.
And again in 2012 Visar attended fistival doing a duet with abducting Ronela vestibule where the prize “Best ft” so taking 10th place with 343 points separate vote by artists of the festival.
And finally have made great ples when BABASTARS beat NOiZY media and have recently beaten the TBA User pressure and you live where these pressure finally accepted eka is stated that the SDO tmirret with laughter with this laughter dote deals Police
Ples Visari has made recently with the new song with the cooperation Cozman IM boss.



Name Really Is Arkimed Lushaj and is a member of BabaStars,
The strong opposing NOiZY and dudes. Stress has had great success and is the benchmark against which the Noizy has dedicated a DISS- Bonjour Madame.

Ronela Hayati:

The emergence of e porch Ronela first television scores at age 4-years in small editions femijesh.Qe studied piano and ballet, children participating in various festivals, mentioning first prize in Tetovo, Macedonia Festival of the year. Then at age 12 has been present in the spectacle “requires a star”, followed six months later as a competitor TalentShow-t “Friday Night Fever” and failed to qualify to the best 30 singers, although still a femije.Me after competing in “Poleposition” Top Channel to reach the final. At age 16, participating in the “Star Academy 1” TV Klan, the award Best Performance after 6 months of challenges won. The year 2006 will mark her first song in a duet with Orgesa zaimi Magic Festival, which arrived were priced “trends” with their song “Requiem” in 2007 realizes .We first solo song “With you there go “composed by Flori Mumajesit. In 2009 appears in Top Fest 6 with the song “Very nice” of the season, reaching the finals as well as at Best R’n’B candidacy. But in October 2009 presented Ronela Magic Festival with the song: “I’m afraid of love” with the Big Bastes text and music by Ervin Gonxhi.Viti 2010 will mark many television shows, shows, concerts throughout Albania and exit the song “Forget” composed by Flori Mumajesit Ronela.Kenga text by itself very quickly turned into the hit and he won the “Television” in the 12th edition of the festival “Magic” and was awarded 236 points by separate vote this festival artists occupying the 17-të..Ka worked as radio presenter of the show “poison” in GM Radio. In 2011 Ronela Hayati has conducted cooperation “Nelës” with the member of Skillz Visar Shala “SKIVI”, 21 February 2012 Ronela Hayati joins labeli BabaStars.


Singullar Viagra and created a group called New Porn with their rap unlike all benchmarks Albanians, are high succeeded in showbiz Kosovo. Successful cooperation of their Rrezarta with short-n and Lyrical Son did they make fame in Kosovo.


TDS Group is composed of two members: the Kastrioti.Shquhen Onati song for “Beginning of the film” and the song in collaboration with Skillz “How Manekene” that was already making the rounds throughout Kosovo. Expected to appear their second album. While their first album titled “17 reasons”. It is a group that comes from Pristina and that burst on the scene in late 2009 have made some cooperation as a group but also separated. Galway has done a collaboration with Mc Kreshen was titled “Lyrical Warfare” that is enough favor from the public-at shqiptar.Tds have done well with Nora bashpunim Istrefi. The song is called “There you are” that this song was always on top of the Toplist. Galway or Dr.Mic has made many singers cooperation with the EEC has achieved many successes. Cooperation latest TDS is s & Dj Blunt Real 1. The song is called “Bang, Bang” which is a song very liked by the public. The latest hit TDS ave is the song “Dea” the internet is almost clicked song.


New member labeli Babastars, Cozman, a con paar song “BABA STARS – BABA STARS” together with ledri, stress, Amiga Agon (Agon Sulejmani), Skivi (Visar Shala) and Getty, has realized a Skivin mix with ‘I’ m the Boss “, a song then realized in cooperation with Amiga and Skivi Agon” WE doin ‘THIS’. Production “Think Creative” is committed to the realization of the video clip.


Petrit Kllokoqi & Decoration Saiti

Ghetto Geasy (Getoar Selimi)
Agon Amiga (Agon Sulejmani)
Skivi (Visar Shala)
Cozman (Osman Loti)
NewPorn (Orik Drancolli) Majk
(Kastriot Rexha)
Onati (Onat Shufta)
Dj Jungle (Asdren Zogaj)
Dj Dirty (Cecelia Angel)
Dj First (Gold Godanci)
Dj Geek (Genc Halimi)
DJ GAMBLE (Adrian Berisha)
Dj Bujaka (Bujar Ajvazi)
DJ Zummarley
Dj Master

Zzap & Chriss
Kico & Torch

On June 24, 2012, Babastars publish the video clip “Babastars”. The video was produced by Imagine Films.

On January 11, 2013, Babastars publish the video clip “Only A Po M’han Raku”. The video was produced by Imagine Films.

On April 5, 2014, Babastars publish the video clip “High 2”. The music of the song was worked by Zzap And Chriss, the text was written by Babastars himself. The video clip was produced by Urban Graphics.

On March 13, 2015, Babastars publish the video clip “High 3”. The text was written by Babastars himself. The video was produced by Max Production.

On July 22, 2017, Babastars released the video clip “High 4 Real”. The music of the song was worked by Getoar Selimi, the text was written by Babastars himself in this song.


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