Adem Ramadani

Adem Ramadani is a very famous singer. He was a well-known singer from Skopje, who with some of his albums a few years ago gained great success until the day he decided to embrace Islam and to distance himself from music starting to sing Ilahi with content Islamic Language in Albanian. She is married and has two children, one girl and one boy. After primary and secondary school, he finished the Faculty of Pedagogy. Music was his passion since the toddler. As a child, even before he began primary school, he began to sing. His career as a musician began in Skopje’s artistic cultural societies.

Adem Ramadani

In the 1990-1991 he released the first album titled “Loti per Ty”. His first album did not have much success since Adem was still not known as a singer, as he did not have experience with text processing, music composition, and so on. Successes began somewhere since 1995 when Adam began to be sought and sympathetic by overwhelming listeners. It was the years when Adem Ramadani began to produce albums and hits, one after the other. Adam does not even remember exactly the number of albums he has released. Among them was music collage, folklore and more. During his musical career, Adem Ramadani mainly sang folk music, entertainment and folklore.

His first contact with Islamic religion was in the 1990-1991 years through several articles. It is worth mentioning that the first religious book read by Adem Ramadani was “Riyadh Salihah” (a compilation of hadiths), a book that had left great traces of it to him. This book prompted him to think that one day he should start practicing Islamic lessons as a whole. “Obedience did not fade immediately. She developed slowly through reading, studying, and gradually practicing Islamic teachings, “Agim Ramadani recounts. The idea of ​​releasing an album with ilahi was born earlier, but could not accept that at the same time it also made music and ilahi .

Therefore, he decided to abandon music one day and deal with ilahi’s singing. August 27, 2004 was the last wedding day in which Adem Ramadani would sing. It was a turning point in his life. In the heart of Adam the rays of the sun were shining. Already, he eventually began his career as an ilahi singer and worthy practitioner of Islam. “I feel very happy that I did this, even though words, comments, and even pressures were different,” says Ademi. The people around, with amazement, asked: How will you live without singing? Where will you win to survive? What will you do? What will you do and many and many other questions? “But these also passed with the help of Allah Almighty,” Ademi tells. Even the BOYNE colleagues were surprised by this decision and asked me similar questions: Why do you leave the music when you have such a good sound? Why are you leaving us? Why do you abandon your career at its peak? “” But they could not understand my decision because they are not literal practitioners of Islamic teachings, “says Ademi, expressing regret at them. 
From his future plans is the attitude on the right path, learning, studying, teaching Islam because he thinks we are honored and privileged to be a Muslim. He also plans to continuously bring new albums with ilahi and practice this profession in continuity. His successes are still ongoing, and we ask God to be happy with him.


In 2001, Adem Ramadani released the album “Ne Martesen Tende”.
In 2002, Adem Ramadani released the album “Mimoza”.
In 2003, Adem Ramadani released the album “Luj Me Qef”.
In 2003, Adem Ramadani released the album “Sille Sille”.
In 2004, Adem Ramadani released the album “Aman Aman Medet”.
In 2005, Adem Ramadani released the album “Duo For All-Llah”. Adam is firm in his conviction that to make such a move you must know and practice Islam strictly. This decision to Adam also brought many difficulties with various musical productions. They did not want to accept his first album with ilahi, “Loving for Allah”. Some feared they would be a financial failure, so they were not interested in investing their means. They feared that the album would not be sold properly and would suffer fiasco. Meanwhile, the opposite happened. The album was the most successful of his albums. Not officially it is said that only over 50,000 copies have been sold in Kosovo, 15,000 in Macedonia and much more in the diaspora. Adem Ramadani’s sympathizers welcome this album as well. They praised him in radio, television, concerts and other meetings. Certainly there were those who tried to provoke their questions, but they were few.
In 2006, Adem Ramadani released the album “Come Spring”.
On June 25, 2007, Adem Ramadani publishes the video clip “Palestina”.
In 2007, Adem Ramadani released the second album with ilahi “Duaja E Nenes” and relates to a gurbetqari event. The album has ten points. Eight of them are ilahi, one part is the Qur’an and the adhan sung by Adem Ramadani.
In 2008, Adem Ramadani released the album “Jetim Me Babe E Nane”.
In 2009, Adem Ramadani released the album “Fukaraja”.
On August 18, 2011, Adem Ramadani publishes the video clip “You Are True Religion”.
In 2011, Adem Ramadani released the album “This Dynama Like Sunny Day”.
On July 10, 2013, Adem Ramadani publishes the video clip “A Ka Taube Zot Për Mue”.
In 2013, Adem Ramadani released the album “A Ka Taube Zot Per Mu”.
On September 22, 2014, Adem Ramadani publishes the video clip “Qabe Moj E Bukur Je”.
On April 7, 2016, Adem Ramadani publishes the video clip “Mulla Jakupi”, in cooperation with Ylber Aliu. The music of the song was worked by Adem Ramadani himself, the text was written by Adem Ramadani himself, while Artan Kastrati was involved in the orchestration. The video clip was produced by Redonpictures.
In 2016, Adem Ramadani publishes the album “Me Fal Oj Nene”.
On 31 May 2017, Adem Ramadani publishes the video clip “Allahu Ekber Kebira”, in cooperation with Adnan Daci, Bekim Dehari & Ylber Aliu.

Adem Ramadani Biography & Wiki

Adem Ramadani

Full NameAdem Ramadani
ProfessionAlbanian Singer
Physical Stats & More
Height (approx.) Feet inches1.81 m, 1.81cm
Weight (approx.) Kg76 kg
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack
Personal Life
Date of BirthMay 16, 1979
Age 39
Birth Place
Macedonia, Skopje
Zodiac sign/Sun signTaurus
Current PlaceSkopje
CollegeWill be updated soon
Contact NoNot Known to public
RecordsPeople, İlahi
HobbiesReading, Gardening, Fishing
Boys, Affairs and More
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNot known


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