8 Kitchen Hacks Every Woman Should Know About

House wife or a working lady, every lady goes to the kitchen. Life is hard and we need time. So it’s time to save some time with these simple kitchen hacks that’s going to make your life easier.

1- Pealing garlic is not time consuming any more

Microwave the garlic for 5 seconds and u will see the garlic peals falling off by itself. No more stinky nails and taking minutes on pealing the fresh garlic. Just 5 seconds micro heat and tada.

2- Extra chilies and lemons for the week?

Use a drop of vegetable oil put it on the chilies and lemons and you can store it for longer period of time. And it stays fresh for weeks. No more throwing your chilies and lemons after few days. The oil hack is here.

3- Separating egg yolk from white has never been this easy

Crack your egg in a bowl and use a plastic bottle to pull the yolk out. Just press and pressurize the bottle and pull it near the yolk and release the pressure, as the bottle is filled with the air it pulls the yolk on to inside. Just take out the yolk in another bowl and no more those traditional cracking a small part from the egg and losing the whites on the outside and leaving yolk inside.

4- Stinky fridge

Just place a piece of coal in one corner of your fridge and it absorbs the entire odor from inside the fridge. No more milk tasting like apple or fresh salad tasting like onions just with this simple coal hack in the fridge.

5- Wet mobile rice hack

Did you drop your cell phone into water? Oops… you don’t have to take your cell phone to the gsm doctor and spend a fortune on fixing it. Just take the battery out and place you phone and battery separately in the rice jar. Leave it overnight and your phone will be all dried out and will work as nothing happened. And that would be free of cost too.

6- Washing water bottles

Add a few grains of rice into your water bottle add soap and water and shake the water bottle. After washing the soap out your bottle will be stinking free, and as good as new.

7- Washing a spoon

Does your spoon plays with you? And splashing water on your face when washing it? There is a simple solution for not taking a shower when bathing the silly spoon. Just wash it upside down and it water proof’s you.

7- Keep your phone clean in the kitchen

Cooking and recipe on the phone? And constantly touching the screen messes up your phone? One simple solution wrap your phone in a plastic sheet, use your phone and later throw the messy plastic wrap in the dustbin and your phone stays clean.



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