7 Chinese Traditional Tips to Get You Pregnant!

“Hi sis? How are ya? How has ‘everything’ what not yet?” This question is common and must be asked by everyone when meeting with newlyweds. As if a mandatory question that never missed.

This question may seem common to some people, but who would have thought of causing an inner conflict for married couples but never being blessed with a baby. If it is a matter of business, it is certainly done, but if it is not the time, who can impose. Agreed, right?

But you need to know as a newlyweds who are hoping to have a baby, continuing to worry about pregnancy will actually make you never go pregnant. Similarly, as told at a fertility seminar held in New York.

Actually there are various things that affects pregnancy . If when checked the condition, both are equally fertile, then several factors need to be considered in order to get pregnant. Well, according to ancient traditional medicine, there are 7 important things that can be done to get pregnant soon.

Tip 1.

According to TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, as described by Alexander Goldberg, the lifestyle of married couples greatly affect pregnancy. Stress is the main thing that can cause a woman never get pregnant. Under stressful conditions, the body is usually like fighting and refusing to get pregnant. It is also triggered because the body does not receive smooth blood flow.

For that, it is recommended that women maintain body condition, exercise, meditation and acupuncture to smooth blood circulation. Stress should be resisted in a way that makes you most comfortable.

Tip 2.

Maintaining hormone balance is very important. The high stress in everyday life often affects the hormone itself. Consequently, the fertilization process also often fails.

In addition to helping cope with stress, so that balanced hormones are advised to carefully organize and choose the diet diasup body. Exercising regularly is also very important for the body.

Tip 3.

According to TCM, women also have to maintain emotional health conditions. Organ that is not less important and is associated with fertility is the liver and lungs. When your emotional state up and down, stress increases then two important organs of the body will also be greatly affected. If so, pregnancy will also be disrupted.

Tip 4.

Avoid foods that are moist and fatty. Fat is said to affect fertilization, if you want to get pregnant, better avoid milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and other greasy foods.

Tip 5.

You must know the basal body temperature. This temperature will help you to know whether you are fertile or not. And when temperatures are rising, then you can know that you are in a fertile period.

Tip 6.

You should also know how the body is ready to get pregnant. Body that is too muscular, solid, also said not easy to get pregnant. Hormones in the body is less balanced, so maintaining the body shape is also no less important way. Find ways that will help balance hormones, not just make lame.

Tip 7.

Keep your weight and avoid obesity. The more fat you have, the greater your risk of failing to get pregnant. It is closely related to stress, frustration, and conception, where hormonal balance will be disrupted if your weight is excessive.

Well, now think about a few seconds, what you have not done from the tips above. If indeed you feel that you are often stressed, overweight, have an unhealthy lifestyle. Then you just need to fix everything. Thus, pregnancy is not something that is difficult for you and your partner.


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