7 Best & Original Ways To Wear the Scarf in your Hair

The scarf is back in fashion; a simple accessory and, at the same time, elegant and super feminine, with which to complete the look in a few simple steps. Let’s find out all the different ways to wear the scarf in your hair.

Directly from the ’50s the fashion of the scarf has returned, an accessory of a thousand uses because in addition to being shown around the neck or on the shoulders, as if it were a stole, it can also be used as a hat to make different hairstyles for the summer.

Who does not remember the wonderful Greta Garbo or the beautiful Grace Kelly , two fashion and style icons that loved to wear beautiful scarves in their hair.

Today, thanks to the heat and the summer season, the fashion of the turban or the bandana has returned to the great and owes its success to its enormous versatility. Yes, because the headscarf fits perfectly into any look and, above all, completes every outfit in a simple and elegant way, from the most casual to the most rigorous and formal.

That said, all that remains is to discover the 7 original ways to wear the scarf in your hair .

1- Foulard with bow in perfect pin-up style

One of the ways to wear the scarf in your hair is a pin-up version , a little ’50s style, tied on the head and with bow. This version is perfect both for the beach and for an evening aperitif.

How is it achieved? Just tie the bandana or the scarf around the head and make a bow with the two ends. As for the hair they are fine both loose and collected.

2- Foulard with knot in the center

For a chic and bon ton style , we advise you to wear a headscarf with a central knot . This hairstyle is made quickly and easily; just tie the scarf around the head and lock it making a knot in the middle.

3- Wear the headscarf as a band

For those who love sporty and casual style , one of the ways to wear a headscarf or bandana is a band. Showing off this headgear is very simple; just wrap it around the head and tie the two ends at the bottom. The hair can be left loose and soft, or collected in a ponytail.

4- Foulard in pirate style

For a wild look, we suggest you show off your favorite Jack Sparrow scarf , in perfect pirate style ideal for the sea.

To achieve it, just take the scarf and wear it like a headgear; therefore, it must go to cover the forehead, and then tie the two ends. The latter should be left free to slide down the back, or gathered on the shoulder for a super feminine look.

5- Foulard to collect hair

For a simple hairstyle but, at the same time, chic and ideal to show off during the summer season, just collect the hair with a scarf or a bandana making a soft ponytail . This hairstyle is perfect for those with straight and long hair, as the result is extremely feminine and delicate.

6- Foulard with anterior knot

An original way to wear a headscarf in your hair is to wear it like a turban, but with a fairly large bow on the front. To make this hairstyle you have to place the scarf around the head and tie the ends on the front, making a knot in the middle. Finally, to prevent the hairstyle from melting, you can block everything with hairpins to hide in your hair.

7- Foulard with back knot

This hairstyle is similar to the previous one, the only difference is in the node that in this case is to be realized on the nape. For this hairstyle, the advice is to collect the hair in a soft and not too tight bun , for a decidedly glamorous messy effect.

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