6 Simple Movements To Heal Neck Pain

Neck pain is pain that occurs in the neck area, i-e from the shoulders to the bottom of the head. This pain problem is quite common, especially by elderly people aged over 50 years. Neck pain will usually improve within a few days. This condition rarely develops into symptoms of a more serious condition and is generally not something to watch out for.

Neck pain can spread to the arms and upper back. As a result, the movement of the neck and head becomes limited and daily activities can be difficult.

Here are 6 simple movements to overcome the pain in the neck, yuk follow the trick:

1- Patting the forehead

This movement may seem trivial, but its benefits are amazing to cure neck pain. Place your palms in front of the forehead, then gently pull forward until it touches the palm of the hand, when pulling from, focus on the neck, until the muscles in the neck work maximally. Do this 10 times.

2 – Visiting

Do as much as 10 times in turn to turn left and right, this movement can overcome the pain in your neck, do it slowly.

3 – Play

Turn your head like a half circle, do this movement 10 times.

4 – Touch from the side

Almost the same as the previous movement, but this movement of the palm is on the side of the temple of the eye, the same way with the previous movement, namely pull the head sideways to touch the palm of the hand, focus on the neck muscles, repeat this movement 10 times.

5 – Shrug

Lift both shoulders together until it comes in contact with the skin under the ear. Repeat the movement 15 times.

6 – Down your head

Move your head down 15 times.

Easy really, though it looks trivial but it is very helpful if it is pain in the neck. Good luck!


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