5 Food Items From Around The World You Should Try

We all live for food, our world surrounds around food first and the rest comes second. Everyone loves to try some good and delicious mouthwatering food. Every country has a different culture and has different food taste and has a different gourmet. As travel and food goes hand in hand. What good is the traveling when you don’t try some good food. Here are 5 delicious and most loved 5 food items you should try around the world.

1- Stinky Tofu: Asia

A famous and delicious Chinese food you should try some day. The mouthwatering stinky tofu is made from fermented tofu. Tofu comes with strong odor and great taste. It is a road side thing sold in no restaurants. Is loved as a snack or a side dish in lunch. I suggest you must try tofu whenever you visit China.

2- Chicken parm, Australia

Chicken parmigiana a Italian American rich in taste popular dish. The chicken, melted cheese, parmesan and tomatoes make the taste irresistible. The original chicken parmigiana uses eggplant too. The recipe revolved around with different ingredients and you will love all of them.

3- Butter garlic crab, India

Who doesn’t love sea food or oh actually who does not love Indian food. This debate might take a long while to decide which one comes first. India is famous for its rich and spicy food and there then comes the sea food and then the butter garlic crab. Awarded with best butter garlic crab in the world served as a side dish.

4- Dim Sum

A Cantonese traditional cuisine famous dish, famous from Hong Kong. The name dim sum itself means touch to the heard. The name clears it all. All who have tried Dim Sum were left mouth watered and had a desire to try the traditional canton dish again. Dim Sum usually goes right with tea. Made with dumpling, vegetable buns, curry puffs, sausage buns and beef.

5- Hummus: middle East

This Arabian dish is made up from chick peas, some lemon and olive oil. Hummus is famous for its rich taste. Hummus is now getting famous in Many European and Asian countries served with bread or bun.

Well every one hopes to try these dishes someday. As they are famous for something good.


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