5 Facts About Hardee’s You Did Not Know

Hardee’s is one of the most loved American fast food chain restaurant businesses. Wilber Hardee founded this Hardee’s fast food and Restaurant Company in the 1960’s. Here are 5 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about Hardee’s.

1- Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

Ever noticed the exact same designed logo and the food menu of Carl’s jr with Hardee’s? That is because they are the branches of a same fathering company CKE Restaurants. Hardees was founded by Wilber Harbee around the 1960’s, while Carl’s jr was founded by Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret Karcher in late 1940’s as a hot dog serving by the CKE. Hardee’s was sharing its success in south Midwest while Carl jr in the west. In the 90s hardees was the top 4th food chain in the country. Wilber Harbee lost his fortune to poker and went bank corrupt. The parent company of Carl’s jr CKE fount the opportunity to purchase the Hardee’s and expand its business, changed its logo.

2- Hardee’s is not allowed in Canada

Hardee’s has a similarity in name to another popular fast food Canadian restaurant thus is not allowed in Canada. But Carl jr is serving the Canadians for Hardees.

3- Hardee’s and KFC

Hardees gave a hard competition to kFC over fried chicken. Hardees even fought with ARBY’s with roasted beef.

4- Hardee’s was originally a musician

Hardee was working as a musician before World War II. He was earning my playing guitar at square dances with his crew band. The idea of opening a fast food restaurant came after he fought in the World War II.

5- Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. sharing a state

There are 2 only two states who are lucky enough to have both Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. in their cities. Oklahoma and Wyoming are the only States both home to both of this brand.


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