5 Amazing & Unknown Facts About Human Eye

One thing that all of us are born with usually, anyway, is a pair of eyes. We all have them, and use them regularly, to do things like look at this strange world we live in & to look at things like this article. But they are also shrouded in a kind of mystery.

  • Blue eyes

We all have seen them before on someone, maybe a family member or maybe when we llok in the mirror. But if you have got blue eyes, then you’re solely a member of what’s a recent modification. Blue eyes were a part of a mutation that occurred solely 6000 to ten,000 years ago. To put that in perspective, brown eyes have been around since the beginning of mankind history..

  • Tears

When you cry, your tears are not the same as when you yawn or when something irritates. They have a different composition, in fact different tears,  that are tears of joy or tears of sadness, even look different from each other.

  • Men and women

The eyes of ladies and men, a minimum of however they see the globe, is far completely different. In fact; the brains of ladies and men, method colors in numerous ways that.                        New Research has shown, that if both sexes look at the colour orange, for example: men will see a redder version of orange than a women will see and women will see the lighter version. This is same for many colors for example: you can take green, women will see a much greener colour of green where as men will see dark colour of green.

  • Vision

You see the world upside down. It is your brain that flips the image right side up, so the world looks the way it should be.

Here question arise,  if the brain flips the image right side up, without us knowing it. Then what other ways does it fix the image that is coming through our eyes. Well, it conjointly unscramble the image, bcoz the image that involves your eyes, is split in 2]. Your brain puts 2 halves of the image back along.

  • Eyes are a Doorway

Recent research has shown that staring into the human eye, either your own eye in a mirror, or the eye of another person, changes the consciousness of human.

A few years ago, researcher Giovanni Caputo got 50 volunteers to look at their reflections in a mirror for 10 minutes in a dim lit room. For many of them, it took less than one minute to start experiencing something very strange Their faces began to wrap and alter, absorbing the looks of animals, monsters or perhaps deceased family members; a development imaginatively named the ‘strange-face illusion’.

But it appears the results even more strangely, once the mirror is swapped for an another person.Those within the cluster, trying into the eyes of another person three feet away got higher levels of attenuated color intensity, with noises additionally apparent louder than they must.

Most of them said their partner’s face appeared malformed, 2/3 saw monstrous being  and some even saw traits of a relative face emerge on their partner. So i suppose the eyes square measure very a window to the soul or even one thing else.

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