17 Natural Ways to Look Beautiful Without Make Up

One of the things that really paid attention to and become the impression for a man from a woman is how is the appearance of the woman, therefore an attractive appearance is necessary to gain the man attention. it is a priority by a large number of women ranging from teenagers to adults.

Well For you some women who want to look beautiful without having to bother dressing in front of the mirror, below we have summarized 17 natural ways to look beautiful without makeup.

1 – Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is not an option but should be something you are already familiarized for long-term health. Healthy foods also do not have to be expensive. You can eat vegetables and fruits at a relatively affordable price and easily known. The type of healthy food is one of dairy products, fish protein and especially vitamin E is beneficial to improve skin health.

2 – Drinking Water

Water has the main content to clean the intestines, skin and other organs naturally. In addition, water is also useful to dispose of all types of toxins that enter the body. By drinking water regularly at least 8 glasses / day, your body will be well hydrated, skin looks bright and charming.

3 – Avoid Using Bold Thickness

Applying thick makeup in a continuous way will make your skin difficulty breathing. The habit is not good for skin health. And it is not impossible that your skin can experience problems such as acne and premature aging. Therefore, limit the use of makeup every day.

4 – Lentikkan Eyelash

Mascara also as a support of eye shape is a weapon in makeup. However, without makeup your eyes can still look beautiful. The secret, just use eyelash curler to make eyes look dramatic. Before flicking the lashes, look at the eye situation first. The eyelashes should be clean and free from the remnants of mascara.

5 – Lips Without Lipstick

Beautiful lips are not always associated with a particular lipstick color. Without even lipstick, you still can look beautiful, Try to use a natural moisturizer for your lips to look natural and what is. Moisturizer plays a role to keep, avoid pigmentation and protect your lips keep soft and supple.

6 – Scrubbing Regularly

Use a scrub or brush that is not too hard to scrape some dead skin cells. Do these tips regularly so your skin looks healthy and fresh. You can also use a mixture of green tea and wheat powder as well as a natural scrub for the face.

7 – Tidy eyebrows

Eyebrow shape is primed to make the face look beautiful even without any make-up. Eyebrow shape that neatly support the eyes look bigger, although not wearing eye liner and eye shadow. But do not be too much in making and clearing eyebrows. Simply trim the hair strands on your eyebrows according to the groove as well as the natural line of the eyebrows.

8 – Hairstyles

Hair is the crown for every woman, so watch your hair well and properly, take advantage of different hair types mean you do not have to follow the trend that is booming but use the hair style that matches the character of your face.

9 – Cleaning Faces 2 times a day

Stay away from wearing hard soap when cleaning your face. In addition, do not keep cleansing face with soap because it can get rid of skin moisture maximum 2 times a day. Strive to use some natural ingredients around you, such as aloe vera or turmeric.

10 – Maintaining Dental Hygiene

One way to maintain healthy teeth is to brush your teeth regularly. The first thing seen by others is your beautiful smile. The appearance of stains on teeth or yellowish teeth can lower your confidence. So do not let that happen.

11 – Maintain Cleanliness from the Inside

The time the internal organs in your body act through the normal and healthy way they will work in an optimal way and can have a positive impact on your skin. Drink warm lemon juice and honey every morning. This step is very effective to clean the body from within.

12 – Compress Face with ice water

To protect the freshness of the face, in the morning after a shower, you can apply ice cubes in advance. Ice cubes will help minimize the pores and make face off oil. Unless the face looks fresh, eye bags can shrink when you compress the side of the eye with ice cubes.

13 – Routine Waking Up in the Morning

If we are diligent to wake up to eat will have many benefits that we get. We can do the activities of the house, the necessity for Muslim Ummah Prayer at dawn, can also be used for exercise for a moment, stretching the muscles so as not to tense and can reduce stress.

14 – Exercise regularly

To protect your body’s health, regular exercise is required. Weight can be ideal with the height of the body, the skin will look firmer and brighter, and can prevent premature aging. Such as: wrinkles on the skin, acne, black spots, oily face, blackheads, and panda eyes.

15 – Enough Rest

If you want to have beautiful skin and wrinkle free, sleep for 7-8 hours overnight you absolutely must do. Sleep is quite useful to relieve stress and restore energy after doing activities during the day. With enough sleep, collagen production that plays a role for healthy skin will be normal.

16 – Clothes and Accessories

Take advantage of clothes and accessory accessories that can support your beauty, you may add it when you do their daily activities and travel, surely not to over use accessories. Remember that accessory that is too much will make you look awkward.

17 – Cheap Smile

Smile is worship with a smile, the face of the ordinary is said to be looking beautiful. Smiles are also infectious. When you smile at others, almost make sure they will respond with a smile. People who are smiling are also usually much liked and look more captivating.

To look pretty natural is not as difficult as you think. These are many ways in order to look beautiful in public or for someone you care about. Well these are some easy tips to look beautiful inside without using makeup. It’s easy? To look beautiful, you do not need makeup. Be an interesting person, surely your eyes will shine.

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