16 Causes Of Breast Cancer You Should be Aware Of

Basically it is not yet certain that a woman can develop the cause of breast cancer in her body or not. But there are several causes that affect the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Some of these factors cause breast cancer that can not be changed and several other factors can be changed to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. Here’s a common cause’s of breast cancer that every women need to know:

1- Benign lumps experienced

Certain lumps can indeed increase the risk of breast cancer. Small changes in breast tissue, such as unusual cell growth in the lobules may increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

2- Genetic factors

Having a family member, such as mother, sister or child, if anyone has breast cancer, then the risk of breast cancer is more.

3- Age factor

Breast cancer is generally experienced by women aged over 50 years, which is about 80 percent.

4- Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure also results in increased risk of breast cancer, exposure to radiation including derived from medical procedures, such as X-rays and CT scans.

5- Gender

Genetic factors of this one is certainly not foreign anymore, Right .. Women are 100 times more at risk of breast cancer compared with men.

6- Family History

Chances of breast cancer In a family in which there are close relatives who suffer from breast cancer or ovarian cancer, breast cancer is most likely to be higher.

Some cases of breast cancer are not hereditary or inherited in the family, but certain genes can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Perform genetic screening of breast cancer, if encountered close relatives such as biological mother, sister or child, who have had breast cancer under the age of 50 years. Consult this in advance with authorized medical personnel.

7- Race

Race issues may need to be considered, from data collected from the National Breast Cancer, women from “Bule” race are more affected types of breast cancer.

8- Personal health history

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer in one part of the breast, then most likely risk factors will increase in other breasts. The risk is also very high if previously detected abnormal cells are present around the breast.

9- Menstrual & Reproductive Period

If you have had early menstruation at age less than 12 years and late maneuvers (more than 55 years) are more likely to be at risk of breast cancer. Another factor is not having children and giving birth at a fairly old age makes the risk of breast cancer higher.

10- Breast Density

Women have breasts in which there is a network of glands that produce milk (lobules). Dense breast tissue contains higher breast cells and allows for breast cancer because more cells can become cancerous. Breast tissue examination with mammograms (breast scan) is also difficult to detect the presence of abnormal tissue.

11- Overweight

Associated with the hormone estrogen in the body, it turns out to be the cause of breast cancer. especially someone who is overweight and has experienced menopause are more at risk of breast cancer. It is thought to be related to the amount of estrogen in the body, because being overweight or obese after menopause causes more estrogen to be produced.

12- Breast Implants

Implants are often planted in the body, not least in the breast. Women who use breast implants, the occurrence of breast cancer is higher compared with women who do not wear them. This was stated by researchers from Canada reported in BMJ (British Medical Journal) May 2013.

13- Doing Specific Work

Several studies have shown the linkage of women’s work to the onset of breast cancer. Research in France shows the relationship between women who work at night and never experienced pregnancy, can be a cause of breast cancer. In addition, research from Canada suggests that certain jobs, allowing the human body to contact into carcinogens, such as bar work, automotive, plastic manufacturing companies, and food packaging companies (cans, plastics).

14- Consumption of Alcohol

The danger of alcohol is one of them, it can become the cause of the development of cancer cells, such as breast cancer. A cancer research suggests that every 200 women who regularly consume alcohol every day, there are three women affected by breast cancer, compared with women who do not consume alcohol at all.

15- Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is often associated with a higher risk of breast cancer. It is estimated that there will be an additional 19 cases of breast cancer for every 1,000 women using a combination of HRT for 10 years. The risk of cancer will continue to increase if the longer HRT. The use of HRT to make hormones back to normal for more than five years should be stopped, discontinuation of HRT is the most effective way to prevent breast cancer.

16- Exposure to toxic Pesticides

Consumption of vegetables and fruits characterize a healthy lifestyle. However, it can also backfire when errors in choosing vegetables and fruits are to be consumed.

The content of pesticides attached to vegetables or fruits can result in the emergence of reactions in the body of cancer cell growth.

So, it is important to be smart in choosing organic vegetables and fruits, which are not contaminated with pesticides.

A study conducted by experts from the University of Liverpool said that pesticides can increase the risk of breast cancer. If non-organic vegetables and fruits are not available, then make sure to wash them good before eating.


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