15 Latest Whatsapp Puzzles with Answers (Whatsapp 2018)

Top 20 Whatsapp Puzzles and WhatsApp Quiz – 2018 Collections – Questions and Answers Included

Some time you want to amaze your friends and make things more interesting by sending some whatsapp puzzles to your friends and loved ones. here we have a collection of 20 top whatsapp puzzle that will make you laugh and also will surprise the one you you send it to. below are the list of 20 whatsapp puzzles 2018 collection

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 1

Can U Tell Me……..

What occurs!

Once in a Year,

Once in a Day,

But never in a Week ?

Answer: Alphabet ‘A’

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 2

Whatsapp game, Just choose an alphabet from A to Z then i will tell you what you want to do with me.




























A: Propose me in sexiest style

B: Make my name as your status saying that you want to marry me.

C. Who was your first crush

D: tell me your biggest secret

E: write am the love of your life in your status wid name

F: Write my name in ur status for A day

G: What you had done exact before sleeping yesterday

H: Record three minutes clip, saying something about me and send me.

I: give.me a tight hug

J: send me a pic of urs childhood

K: icecream party

L: long drive

M: one song for me

N: Go shopping with me

O: What you will do, If I block you now on whatsapp

P: send me i love u three times

Q: Like and comment on all my pics on Facebook

R: send a pic of your legs

S: Tell me why u love me

T: send me video of you telling me I am sweet

U: tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life

V: Have you ever think to block me on whatsapp

W: Tell me how many Bf and Gd you have?

X: Why don’t take bath today

Y: Update your status with message ‘I am stupid’

Z: You are my, I can’t live without you.

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 3

Guess What I am?

I am a Five letters Word.

People eat me.

If you remove first letter, I will be a form of energy.

If you remove my first two letters, I will be needed for living.

If you remove my first three letters, I will be near you.

If you remove my first four letters, I will be drink for you.

Answer: Wheat

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 4

A man walks into his bathroom and shoots himself right between the eyes using the real gun with real bullets.

He walks out alive, with no blood anywhere.

And no, he didn’t miss and he was not superman, or any other caped crusader.

How did he do this?


He shot his image that he saw in the bathroom mirror!

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 5

Question: Select Any of your favorite color and you have to perform according to color’s condition which I will send later!




Navy Blue






Blue – Delete your partner no. from your phone.

Gray – Don’t talk to your partner for 1 day.

Black – Make your partner pic to your’s DP (display picture).

Navy Blue – Ask a neighbor for a roll of toilet paper.

Green – Tell your deepest secret to your partner.

Red – Drink 1 bottle of soda in 10 seconds.

Teal – Read the last whatsapp message from your partner loudly.

Purple – call your Mom and introduce her with your partner.

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 6

Any 100 Words without Letter ‘A’

Tell Me If u r the Genius of Whatsapp

Tell me any 1000 words that cannot contain the letter ‘A’…..

In 5 seconds….. 🙂

No cheating plz zzz zzz

Answer: Count 0-100 (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,………. ninety-nine, hundered)

Tip – There is no alphabet if you continue your counting till 999. First time alphabet ‘A’ comes in word 1000 (ThousAnd).

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 7

A man is found hanging in a room 3 feet off the ground.

There is nothing else in the room except for a large puddle of water on the ground.

The police can’t see any way the man could have climbed the walls to get to where he is hanging.

How did this man hang himself?


He stood on a tall block of ice and put the noose around his neck.

Once the ice melted, he was hung, and all that was left was a puddle of water on the ground.

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 8

Question: Choose any one of your Lucky numbers ? and you will do the dare i tell you.












#1 What kind of relationship do you expect from me ?

#2 Tell something which you do not like in me !

#3 Write a Whatsapp status for me for next 12 hours !

#4 Call me and sing a song 4 me !

#5 What you like the most in me?

#6 Rate me as a friend from 3 to 9

#7 Rs 10.5 recharge on my phone

#8 Tell me your relationship status-Single, Committed, Complicated, Engaged, Married, Divorced

#9 Tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend name.

#0 Rate me in looks from 1 to 99.

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 9

What comes down but never goes up??














Answer: Rain

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 10

A boy was driving a car, a girl took a lift from her. She asked his name after she get down.

Boy said :- my name is hidden in my car’s number, find if you can.

Car number was [ WV733N ] Can you guess the name now?

Answer: Neelum

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 11

What can fly but has no wings??










you Don’t know????

Answer: Time

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 12

Bobby’s mother had three children.

the first child was named April.

the second child was named May.

What was the third child name ?

Answer:  Bobby

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 13

Fill the blanks using  (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15)

__ + __ + __ = 30

U can also repeat the numbers.


(11-1)+(13-3)+(15-5)=30  or   (9+1)+(7+3)+(15-5)

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 14

Which Is The Only Country Which Had A Flag With A Single Color? (Whatsapp Quiz)


1. Green – Bangladesh

2. Green – Libya

3. Red – Russia

4. Red – China


Green – Libya

Whatsapp Puzzle Question with Answer 15

Why Love is blind?







Answer: Money doesn’t see anything

I really hoped that you have enjoyed “15 Latest Whatsapp Puzzles with Answers (Whatsapp 2018)” if you want to add more questions to the collection or you have other question that is not answered yet ask us in the comments below.

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