13 Easy to do Best Ponytail hairstyles For Young Girls


These amazing hairstyles will make you wonder why you didn’t try them sooner! You can make a classy side ponytail or a high pony tail for a casual even. There are versatile ponytails but weave ponytail hairstyle is best option for natural hair.

There are a lot of different hairstyles to choose from, depending on your hair, style and the length of your hair. You may bore with the common ponytail hairstyle so you need to try our 13 elegant ponytail hairstyles that will make you look attractive and amazing.

1- Curly, High Ponytail

Curly, High Ponytail

This ponytail is simple and easy to do. You may curl your hair before you tie it back or for the girl-on-the-go, tie it back and start to curl the ponytail section only. If you have got natural curly hair then you have the advantage that you don’t have to curl your ponytail.

2- Triple Circle Ponytail

Triple Circle Ponytail

A set of minimum amount of clips at the top, middle, and bottom of your ponytail raise volume and make a hairstyle.

3- Rust Velvet Ponytail

Rust Velvet Ponytail

You can match the length of a thick; ribbon’s ends to the length of your hair and can make this alluring pony tail.

4- Twisted High Ponytail

Twisted High Ponytail

You can make this ponytail easily by just making Twist two strands of a high and tight ponytail together.

5- Pearl Chignon Ponytail

Pearl Chignon Ponytail

Put half messy waves, and up do a half hair this ponytail really gives you the best of both worlds.

6- Side Braided Ponytail

Side Braided Ponytail

Weave a thin braid by interlacing three or more strands from brow bone to the base of your ponytail for a bit of edgy appearance.

7- Crimped and Braided Ponytail

Crimped and Braided Ponytail

If you like to show off your outstanding part of an event or highlights, this look’s for you: Amp up a basic low pony with a dutch braid down the center of your hair and crimp from base to ends.

8- Cuffed Ponytail

Cuffed Ponytail

You can make cuffed ponytail by adding a few golden cuffs to the interlacing threads of braid and pull back into a high ponytail.

9- Braided-Hair Tied Ponytail

Braided-Hair Tied Ponytail

If your hair isn’t long or strong enough to act as both ponytail and hair tie, you can make and fake this look with clip-in extensions.

10- Woven Ribbon Ponytail

Woven Ribbon Ponytail

Take half a dozen ribbon & Tuck them into your hair with bobby pins and braid into a simple and elegant side pony.

11- Pierced Braided Ponytail

Pierced Braided Ponytail

Juice up a few small braids with hair jewelry, like the rings Ariana Grande is rocking here.

12- Double Scarf Ponytail

Double Scarf Ponytail

You can get double scarf ponytail by adding a soft touch by knotting scarfs (silk scrunchies work too) at the top and mid-point of your hair.

13- Half-Fishtail Ponytail

Half-Fishtail Ponytail

Last but not the least is Half- fishtail ponytail. Actually a mega-volume fishtail and Messy waves braid are a ponytail match which are trending nowadays.



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