12 Symptoms That Mean You Have High Blood Sugar Levels

Consumption of glucose through our diet is the most likely cause of high sugar levels. Glucose is distributed to every cell in the body and is an essential nutrient (in the right size dose). However, when blood glucose levels become too high and too long, serious damage can occur to your kidneys, blood vessels, nerves, and eyes.

The number of people suffering from high blood sugar is increasing. The only way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to start reading the signs that your body gives you early on.

Signs of high blood sugar

Many of the symptoms on this list are often ignored, but these are early symptoms of chemical imbalances that need to be overcome. Keep an eye on if this sign occurs.

  1. Frequent urination and urination at night
  2. Blurred vision
  3. difficulty concentrating
  4. Dry mouth
  5. recurrent infections
  6. Slow wound healing
  7. Stomach problems
  8. Constant fatigue or extreme fatigue
  9. Thirst rises
  10. Dry skin and itchy
  11. Famine is constant
  12. Abdominal fat / overweight
  13. Nervous problems

Pay close attention to the Glycemic Index (GI) of a food that shows the amount of carbohydrates in food products, in order to highlight foods to avoid and which can be eaten. GI measures food from 0-100, the lower the value the lower the glucose level.

Here’s the Glycemix index of a food

One slice of white bread – GI 70 value

Considering that a sandwich requires two slices of bread, continuing to eat white bread can significantly raise your blood sugar levels.

Rice cake – GI value 78

Although they can be eaten as a healthy snack if your blood sugar levels are low or normal, eating rice cakes when you already suffer from high blood sugar is very dangerous.

Baked potato – GI value 85

The main part of most people’s diet is not good for your high blood sugar.

Three low-sugar foods are safe to enjoy

For those of you who want to seriously reduce your blood sugar levels and keep them at a healthy level, you should look at managing your diet effectively. That means eating low-sugar foods, and three of them which have very good for healthy diet are mentioned below.

Walnuts – GI value 15

Can be eaten raw or added to salads. It has many other health benefits including improved reproductive health (for men) and also good for healthy heart.

Broccoli – GI value 10

Broccoli may not be the most favorite vegetable of many people especially children, but this vegetable really helps repair the damage to your blood vessels due to high blood sugar.

Egg – GI value 0

With absolutely no carbohydrates at all, it is safe for everyday consumption. When not overeaten, eggs certainly will not increase your blood sugar. But be careful for those who suffer from high cholesterol should eat eggs very often.

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