11 Serious Problems That Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know

Apple is one of the most famous companies in the world. Their products are sold in every single corner of the planet. As a simple proof of power of this technology giant, Apple earns an average of $ 72,000 every minute and that’s a lot of money. This company is undoubtedly one of the pop culture icons in our days, however, incidents around the world related to their devices have questioned the quality of their products, which are mostly assembled in China. Surely you’ve heard about these rumors and in this article we’ll explain them in detail. This is the top 11 of the Serious Problems that Apple doesn’t want you to know.

1- Error 29

Undoubtedly, this has become a real headache for many iPhone users: Error 29. This message appears again and again for no apparent reason and its causes are so many that makes difficult to solve it. Apple products are designed to use only genuine spare parts, so if you replace any part from your iPhone with a non-Apple brand, you’ll surely have an encounter face-to-face with Error 29. However, many users who have replaced certain parts such as batteries or screens with originals have also experienced this error. Apparently this is due to a programming failure that Apple is still trying to correct. The truth is that if you ever damage your iPhone’s battery, pray God that the new battery doesn’t trigger Error 29.

2- Explosive iPhone 7

If the rumor of “Whistle of Death” was not enough to put an end to Apple’s sales rates, this one for sure ended up sinking them 6 meters underground. It became viral in social network, videos where it was clearly seen how an iPhone 7 exploded spontaneously. The images of many people with severe burns in different areas of their body were reason enough to kill sales of this device. Although Apple has not issued statements about it, it’s believed that this problem is due to a defect in lithium batteries.

3- “Whistle of Death” on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Although not being a fairly obvious problem, it is annoying, especially when you are making a phone call and you have it over your ear. The problem: a very annoying whistle common on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which was quite unusual. As always, the news soon became viral on the Internet when the noise was nicknamed as “Whistle of Death.” Many users abstained from buying it and preferred a Samsung Galaxy, which had historical sales during that time.

4- Excessive Warming on iPhone 3G

One of Apple’s most famous models, not because of its efficiency but because of its poor performance. Perhaps the number 3 of the iPhone 3G name was related to the number of hours your battery lasts. Incredibly, the lithium battery of this device doesn’t lasts more than 3 hours. If you didn’t want it to turn off, you had to plug it to the charger several times a day, which was pretty annoying. In order for the battery life to increase, you should restrict yourself to using the phone only when is strictly necessary.

Another main problem of this model, also associated with the battery, was overheating. It was not a good thing to carry inside your pocket, as it was similar to carry a piece of burning metal in your pants. It was famous the case of a young man in Finland, that ended with his pants burned because of this problem.

5- Defective Battery on iPhone 5S

A manufacturing defect in the iPhone 5S battery caused a lot of buyers to return their devices. After this issue, Apple had to make it a public matter in an article in the New York Times. Apparently, the battery life was too short and the charging process was extremely long. This fact disappointed several Apple fans, as one of the promises of their new iPhone 5S was a better battery with more autonomy.

6- The Serious iOS10 Security Failure

Shortly after Apple’s iOS 10 operating system released, a Russian security vulnerability research company discovered that if you back up your device from the iTunes platform, you’re vulnerable enough to any hacker to access your private information. The problem seems to be the algorithm on which the key encryption system is based in iTunes is even 2500 times easier to decrypt than other security algorithms. The solution to this problem is simple: do not create backups from iTunes. An alternative is to do it from iCloud, whose encryption system is much more advanced and difficult to decipher.

Another problem with iOS 10 is the ability to disable the “Search for my iPhone” option without using a password. This problem is quite serious, ‘cause if someone steals your phone, they could disable this function without any problem, which would make it impossible to locate or delete personal data remotely.

7- Problems with Airplane Mode on iPhone 7

If you board planes very often, the iPhone 7 may not be the right phone for you. Although not a common problem on all devices, it’s true that in many cases it has been observed that after activating and then deactivating Airplane Mode, the wireless data signal disappears completely, leaving you totally disconnected with the outside world. This feature has made the iPhone 7 as one of the most hated smartphone models by travelers.

8- The Annoying Gray Bar on iPhone 6

This problem began to become famous 2 years after the launch of this device. As users describe it, a flashing gray bar appears at the top of the screen, which doesn’t seem to respond to tactile signals. What annoyed buyers the most was that when the problem appeared, their phones had passed the warranty time, so Apple wasn’t responsible for the matter. It was later discovered that a design mistake on the touch screen was responsible for the malfunction and unfortunately it had no solution. Many people with iPhone 6 had to get used to the gray bar or just buying a new phone.

9- Defective Case of iPhone 7

Although it seems incredible, the same Apple doesn’t recommend its users to buy the iPhone 7 black housing. Apparently it deteriorates faster than others. If you’ve been thinking on buying one of these models, you’d better know this before you do it. According to Apple, the super bright black version requires a fairly complex treatment to achieve such brightness, including 9 layers of polishing on the aluminum surface. While it cannot be denied that the finish is quite attractive, aluminum is not characterized for being a resistant metal; rather it tends to wear out. For that reason, if you don’t take care of your iPhone with the passion it deserves, it’s possible that after a while you’ll notice how it loses its brilliant tone and fills with scratches everywhere.

10- Purple Reflections on Photos taken with iPhone 5

One of the most commented problems of this device was the presence of certain reflections of purple light in the photos. For a while the whole thing was a mystery, ‘cause apparently it was not due to any hardware failure. Some time later, Apple itself discovered the cause: a wrong choice of anti-reflective coating on the camera lens. Apparently, the company decided to change the material of the lens of iPhone 5 by a material known as sapphire crystal. What they didn’t know was if the material on the lens was changed, the materials on the anti-reflective layer should also be changed. The interaction between light, lens and anti-reflective layer was responsible for these mysterious purple flashes very common in photos captured with this phone.

Another quite common problem in iPhone 5 cameras is the malfunction of the focusing system. Try taking a few pictures in different places and if you notice that the photos are blurred, it’s quite possible that something bad is happening with the focus system.

11- Home Button doesn’t work

Another common assembly problem in thousands of iPhone 5 is the unusable Home Button. The truth is that if this button doesn’t work, there aren’t many things that can be done with this device. For this reason, Apple had to be ingenious to invent the Assistive Touch, which is a virtual button that appears at one end of the screen that fulfills the same function as the Home Button. For this reason, we recommend you having it activated if you ever experience failures with the Home button.

12- Frozen Screen

Another thing that Apple may not mention in their advertising campaigns is the common problem of the Frozen Screen, where your iPhone seems not to respond by pressing the keys and nothing moves on the screen. The source of this problem is the large number of bugs that are downloaded to your device when you install an iStore application or game. The truth is that Apple should be more attentive with the applications they offer on their website. Most of the time the problem is solved by restarting the device, which is quite annoying when the problem is repeated frequently.

Apparently, throughout Apple’s history, there have never been devices with so many factory defects as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 5. Apparently whenever Apple has problems with their devices, the Chinese company in charge of the assembly of these phones, Foxconn, seems to be to blame for everything. Obviously, the search for cheap labor has cost many millions of dollars to Apple.

There’s no doubt that Apple is one of the most famous technology brands in the world, however, it’s also true that after the death of its creator and mentor, Steve Jobs, the company has suffered one of the biggest declines on its history. This is something that Samsung, its biggest rival in the world, has been able to take advantage of to dethrone them in the technological race. Releasing of Samsung Galaxy has been a blow to Apple, who is determined to bring to market an iPhone model that will become the favorite smartphone of everyone in the world. However, while most mobile devices use Android as operating system, this dream becomes even more impossible to achieve. We hope they soon come up with new ideas to correct this situation, otherwise Samsung would eventually establish a worldwide monopoly, forcing the Steve Job’s dream to become in just a memory over the years.


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