1000 Participants Expected Countdown for the World’s Largest Sex Party Has Begun!

The woman who planned to organize the biggest sex party in the world said that there were rules that guests should attend. We have compiled all the details about the planned party from Lad Bible.

Pearl Derriere, a 29-year-old organizer who lives in Denver, hopes to double his attendee’s record at a sex party of 500 people in Japan.

Pearl, who is a part of the pro- sexual feminism movement, says she stopped counting the number of people she had sex with eight years ago. She lives with a boyfriend named Dan Patrick and a girl named Tomi Tailey.

Pearl, who likes to have sex with different people with her friends, keeps a secret where her party will be and the history she keeps.

”Being with a person is not for me. So I’ll live the rest of my life as a ‘swinger’ to meet my every physical and emotional need. I can go to a sex party with Dan and fuck someone else. Sometimes I can do this with a friend I know. That won’t bother him. Our relationship is moving in this direction. We trust each other because we know our value to each other. My boyfriend is a man and naturally he understands my needs. As long as I’m safe, I don’t have any trouble. Knowing that each other’s sexual, physical and mental needs are met, we are both very pleased.

In 2016, Pearl set up a company called Menage Life with a friend. Now she’s been planning to make her own sex party after going to many sex parties over the years.

Pearl joined her first sex party in 2012 as a dancer.

When I came in, someone was having sex. At first I thought I had caught the security guard inappropriately. Then I realized it was a sex party. There were people dancing and chatting. People who have sex at these parties can only watch if they want. I made a lot of friends that night. I was really fascinated that day. ”

Pearl, who will organize its own organization, has serious strict rules. Pearl, who is very particular about sexual health, says that she will make sure that the participants comply with these rules.

”Every six months I’ve been tested against the risk of sexually transmitted infections. I’m still clean. I’m not going to get those drunks that are too drunk to my party. Also, everyone will have to come with at least one friend. If someone messes up and annoys people, we’ll warn the person who is coming with. This kind of parties are worried about people getting registered. For this reason, no one can bring a video camera or mobile phone . We will create a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.”

For a party with a record-breaking goal, Pearl said:

I am not sure what will happen, but I want to be part of an organization that will remain a historical moment in the pro- sex community. Our community is confidential. Usually people don’t want to spend time outside with people who join these parties. I hope our big event can change that and make a positive revolution in sex.


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