10 Gorgeous Rings to Propose a Girl


The rings are a token of expression for love and affection. The language of the rings is more outspoken then words. This best fits the saying that action speaks louder than words. Engagement or proposing rings are considered as an important part of the traditions of every society. This is the thing which is common in almost every society of the world especially the modern societies.

It is taken as a token of love. Love has no language but these kind of different things certainly give language and something extra to love. When someone is seeing somebody and he or she plans to love the whole life with that person than it is certainly a beautiful feeling to choose a ring for the one you love as a token of your love and affection. You give that person a ring and the other person certainly has the feeling for your love. It is a very beautiful way to enter in a relationship. It also creates mutual understanding between the two.

Here, we are presenting you with a list of some very beautiful rings that are on the top of the chart because of their importance and beauty.

1- Open Setting Rings

Open Setting Rings

These are called as the rings of today. The reason behind this is the automatic opting of these for everybody looking at them. They are also called as the celebrity rings as they are immensely popular among celebrities. The reason is that these rings give celebrities a chance to show off a really standout stone they are having. These kind of settings allow a transparent gem to be set so that the light can be transmitted through the stone from front to back. These rings also have a history as they are popular right from the Victorian era.

2- Modern Metal Rings

Modern Metal Rings

It used to be that engagement rings came in white gold, yellow gold, or maybe platinum, but now rings can come in all manner of metallic hues, textures, and finishes, all as precious and long-lasting as gold. As couples continue to add more personality to their ring choices, it’s little wonder that their choice of metals has become a lot more creative too. The modern day couple loves the idea of mixing metals like opting out for a brushed or a hammered texture and they are used to choosing some of the modern jewelry metals these days like tungsten etc. These kinds of rings are usually handmade and they are one of its kind which results in originating something very special in terms of glamour and style and also personalized in the most dazzling style and hues.

3- Baguettes Rings

Baguettes Rings

Baguettes cut stones pack in a lot of bang for your buck, and work really well as accent stones for your engagement ring, which is perhaps why they’ve become hugely popular in jewelry over recent years. Harking back to art deco designs, these long, narrow stones give a glamorous, vintage finish to more modern designs. Perfect for someone who wants the best of both! Baguette diamonds, named so because of their long and slender silhouette, are the most popular type of step-cut diamond today. They add a dash of vintage appeal to the very popular round center diamond. The clarity grades should be considered before having the baguette rings being bought. This style of diamond cut is used primarily as a side stone and originally used primarily in costume jewelry such as cocktail rings. The baguette cut diamonds are bright, clear and shiny in appearance. The step cut baguette accentuates a diamond’s luster, whiteness, and clarity but plays down its fire.

4- Rose Gold

Rose Gold

This ring has been generally known as the trend setter of the modern world of rings. The reason behind this is the fact that no jewelry trend has grown as quickly as rose gold. With its pinkish undertones, this chic metal adds a lot of romance to a ring, and is a much more subtle setting for white stones than its yellow counterpart. Particularly pretty with pink stones like morganite, we also love the idea of pairing it with turquoise, black diamonds or rubies. It is definitely a trend to follow if you’re looking for something elegant, understated or unusual. At once modern and vintage in feel, rose gold engagement rings make a distinctive, beautiful choice. A lustrous alloy of gold and copper, rose gold has its roots with the earliest jewelry artisans and has become even more sought-after in recent years.

5- Marquise Rings

Marquise Rings

The people like to call it as a ring of the future and rightly so. The reason why diamond rings have been gathering more attention than ever in last couple of years is the unusual cutting of diamonds. It has been reckoned the upcoming year will all about marquise making it the ultimate choice of people. There’s something really vintage-looking and timeless about this distinctive, regal shape, which makes it a beautiful addition to any ring. Though by playing around with the placement, or pairing it with other stones, it can also be a modern, unique, and entirely versatile cut. This engagement ring features a single row of round brilliant-cut micro-pave diamonds set in a distinctive marquise-shaped halo that perfectly frames the marquise-cut center diamond of your choice. The people just buy it instinctively by just looking at its pictures. It certainly has the glamour, the charisma and everything one would expect to have in this precious token of love.

6- Cathedral Rings

Cathedral Rings

These are inspiringly and exclusively built for modern women. With having truly amazing design it definitely inspires everyone with its fresh and modern looks. The structure of this ring is what separates it from the other competitive ones. It’s all about the setting of diamond. The diamond lying in the center is usually nested between bands extending from each side which gave it the ever freshening look. These rings are angled in such a way that each time people look at it, each and every time the ring will successfully draw the attention to its gemstone so it’s definitely worth looking at. They are one of the most expensive rings available and they provide a very good protection to the diamond. This is the reason why these rings serves as a very good choice for women ready to be engaged. So, it’s all about having it to have the dream world of your rings.

7- Halo Rings

Halo Rings

These rings can be termed as bride rings as these are the ones brides are mostly interested in. These rings cater as a popular choice for them and that’s why the trend is still lasting for couple of years and not going anywhere. Not only are halo rings all kinds of pretty, but they’re a great way of amping up a smaller stone or giving serious sparkle to a more muted gem like an emerald, sapphire or black diamond. This ring style offers a whole host of options for creating big diamond looks, as well as ways to personalize and customize your engagement ring. The setting of halo rings is such a way that it encircles a center gemstone in a collection of paved diamonds. These pave stones flash with light and focus attention back on the center stone to create interest and draw people’s gaze to your ring. The classic choice for the halo engagement ring is white gold or platinum.

8- Pave Rings

Pave Rings

These rings are created with few concepts in mind including maximum light and brilliance. To create these stunning rings, accent diamonds are set closely together for a dazzling, diamond-encrusted look. They are called pave rings due to the fact that their surfaces have been paved with diamond creating an absolutely unbroken expanse of light and sparkle. Small beads of precious metal are applied in the spaces between the diamonds, securing them in place. The goal of this setting is to cluster diamonds as close as possible with the least amount of visible metal. This setting allows diamond rows to be placed very close to each other, creating a solid swath of diamonds and light. Sometimes the diamonds in the ring are covered with a set of gems with the aim to enhance the center diamond ultimately increasing its glaze. Paved rings are immensely popular owing to their great structures and the ease of use these offer to the one having them.

9- Blue Sapphire Rings

Blue Sapphire Rings

These rings are not only popular because they have everything a gorgeous ring must possess but also due to the fact that they have some history attached to it as well. This ring is famous in entire England history because it was worn by the late princess of England; Lady Dianna; the mother of Prince William. It was indeed one of her favorite rings and why not so. Even worn by a personality of such brilliance, a bit more shape is added to its quality. Now, the ring of Lady Dianna has been passed over to her daughter in law, the new generation role model; Catherine Elizabeth. There is nothing more to say about this ring except for the fact that it is a category of one of those rings which are up to the mark according to the royal standards which just make it the priceless category in this world.

10- Solitaire Rings

Solitaire Rings

These rings just have the heart out of young girls. These are especially designed for them by having to look at each and every detail about the rings the young girls like. The good thing about these rings is that they are no of weird design but they have been kept very simple and elegant. They look simply very decent and that’s why every girl would feel herself out of this world every time she wears those. The other quality about these rings is that the diamond place is kept very cool and high. This allows the diamond to befit in it quite easily with having maximum exposure to light. This automatically enhances its brilliance and beauty. The prices of these rings are bit higher usually but if someone is looking for elegance and beauty at the same time then who cares about price folks.


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