10 Extraordinary Benefits Of Coconut and Lemon Water Blend

Who does not know coconut water? In addition to refreshing, it turns out many of the benefits that can be obtained from drinking coconut water.

Top Hollywood artists wrote so much that make the activity of drinking coconut water as their routine. Call it Madonna, Demi Moore, and the actor who starred in the movie Interstellar, Matthew McConaughey. They believe that coconut water is rich in pottasium and can help boost immunity. On the other hand, many Hollywood celebrities are apparently happy to consume lemon either in their food or drink, because it is rich in vitamin C.

Well, what would happen if we mix coconut and lemon water, huh? The benefits can be doubled. Not only for your health, but also the beauty of skin and face. Cool, right?

Take a look at the following list of benefits that are summarized from various sources.

1 – Able to maintain heart health

Mixing of coconut and lemon water is believed to control cholesterol levels in the blood and inhibit blocking of the largest aorta or artery in the human body so good for the heart. Not only that, potassium, calcium, and magnesium also able to accelerate the healing process for heart disease, and its electrolyte contribute to help maintain heart health.

2 – Controlling blood sugar levels

Coconut water has properties that allow a faster metabolic rate in the body. As the metabolic rate increases, the body will digest and burn sugar. Well, insulin in the blood will also burn faster.

Meanwhile, lemon is rich in fiber, low in sugar, high in vitamin C, and thiamin that helps to control blood sugar levels. Approximately 87% of lemons contain water and have a low glycemic index.

3 – Helps to lose weight

Mixing of coconut and lemon water is also able to help to reduce weight. Natural glucose in coconut water can trigger the absorption of glucose by the bloodstream, thus helping to reduce sudden hunger attacks.

Not only coconut water, nata de coco is also a product that has high fiber content. Fibers contained in the cell include cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and water-soluble fiber, so it is good to lose weight. Not only that, both coconut milk and lemon are drinks and lean fruit.

4 – Contains antiviral substances

Coconut water contains antibacterial and antiviral substances that serve as an antidote. Meanwhile, lemon is a fruit rich in vitamin C is good for the immune system. If these two materials are mixed, it will have more benefits.

5 – Can be used for detox

Mixing of coconut and lemon water can be used for detox. This mixture is a rich source of minerals, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, riboflavin, and so on. The carbon elements in this fusion are glucose, sucrose, fructose, sorbitol, inositol, etc., while nitrogen is a protein, so it is good for diet.

6 – Able to reduce oil on the face

Not only for health, the benefits of mixture of coconut and lemon water is also for beauty. One of them is able to reduce the oil on the face. This is because the mixture is rich in antioxidants that can reduce sebum in the face. And make the face brighter and shine.

7 – Exercise digestion

In addition to rich in fiber, fusion of coconut and lemon water is also rich in lauric acid that helps cure gastrointestinal disorders, and certainly will help smooth the digestive tract.

8 – Overcoming dehydration

Mixture of coconut water and lemon contains low sodium and high potassium. This means the coconut water and lemon can fill the fluid needs in the body, so as to prevent dehydration.

9 – Prevent premature aging

One more benefit of coconut water is that it is able to prevent premature aging. Mix of coconut and lemon water contains high antioxidant compounds that can counteract free radicals that harm the skin and create wrinkles.

10 – Strengthen the immune system

Mixture of coconut and lemon water is also perfect to help strengthen your immune system. This is because the protein content contained in coconut water is no less with the protein contained in a glass of milk.


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